Web Applications or Web Apps and Web 2.0 Apps too

Web Applications or Web Apps

This is an example of a document that can be written Online using Writely. Writely is now part of Google Docs.

Writely (now Google docs) is an online set of applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, drawings, collections, and even large file sharing of all types of files.

Some of the features include:

* Word processing document includes the ability to run spell check.
* Online collaboration with others.
* The files can be saved as a Word document.
* The documents can be published online with their own unique web address.
* Documents can also be set to private.
* Pictures can be included in the documents.
* Upload large files to share with others.
* Graphs and charts with the spreadsheets documents.
* Microsoft Word plugin.
* Build information gathering forms that can be linked to or embedded into a website.
* Convert documents to PDF.
* Import PDF documents, graphic image files with written text, and use technology called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and convert to a Google Docs document.

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* The writer can publish directly to a blog using the application.
* Various fonts and colors can be applied.
* Hyperlinks can be included in the document.
* Revision tracking.
* Documents can be imported from MS Word and others.
* Save as a PDF document.
* Document can be printed from the application.

The strength of online applications is the freedom that is delivered to the user. As more Web applications become available, there will be less of a need for the business user to have to lug around a laptop in order to stay in touch with customers and other employees. The consumer should also realize a savings through not having to buy expensive software in order to write various letters to friends, relatives, or even consumer complaints and other forms of letter communications.

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Flock Blogging

I’ll never forget the first time I used a browser for web navigation. It was called Mosaic and was originally loaded on my Mac PowerPC 6100 computer. Wow have Internet times changed! Now I am using a MacBook Pro.

Out of the old technology days and browsers of yesteryear web navigation came the Netscape Mozilla and Internet Explorer browsers, with others following. Now comes a brand new start-up with the attempt to turn the world upside down as far as web browsing is concerned.

Meet The Flock

Flock is a creative new browser that is doing things in a different and unique way. In fact their statement on their about page sums it up:

Who are you people, anyway?

Well, we’re pretty much a bunch of regular folks trying to shake things up.

To describe the Flock browser is difficult to do. It has interesting features that remind me a little of the Apple Safari and Firefox Mozilla Browser all rolled into one with additional features for Blogging. In fact, one area developers are targeting is Bloggers in general.

One of the features of this browser is the built-in control panel for uploading, editing, and managing the content on any blog. Additional features allow you to share bookmarks with others online. Take a look at what you can do.

Business Week had an article on this start-up company.

To really understand what you can do with this Internet Browser requires hands-on experience. Currently Flock has a download version for experimentation by developers and individuals. It still is in a development state but anyone can download it and try it out. They certainly are looking for quality feedback.

Additionally, when you download the Flock Browser you get a free WordPress Blogging account. I wanted to experiment with another blogging software and thought I would try both the software and the browser at the same time.

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Is Big Brother Listening to Your Keyboard?

Your KeyboardShush, is your keyboard speaking?

Not in the literal sense, although they probably have talking keyboards, but there is a program, developed by a computer scientist student at UC Berkeley, that can listen to the keyboard strokes and decipher with over 90% accuracy what was typed.

The audio recording is done with a simple recording device placed near the subject. Then the audio is fed through a program algorithm which processes and deciphers the keystrokes.

Passwords and other personal and identifiable information can be ascertained through this type of processing.

While the computer scientist student set out to demonstrate the security holes in using keyboards, I would imagine there are applications that could come out of this technology that would be helpful to the world. At present though, I find it difficult to come up with any ideas that would make this type of program useful in other ways. Of course, the development of other spy technology stuff has helped in various fields of business. For example, the super powerful spy satellites that can read the information on a dollar bill from thousands of miles in space has helped in the field of mapping technologies, analysis of tectonic plate movements, weather analysis, and even GPS tracking.

As with any new technology, (watch out for hidden keystroke logger software installed as spyware on your computer) the potential is always present to use it for evil. Hopefully , something good will result from the keyboards.

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Online Operating Systems / Web Applications

The time is coming when the computer operating system at home or the office will need to be nothing more than a connection to the Internet. Web Applications and Operating Systems will reside online and even your files will be able to be stored in a secure online area.

Today, businesses utilize internal web applications that reside on a Intranet server to do all types of CRM, order processing, billing, and even word processing. These types of processes are also being done through the Internet with Realtors for example using MLS search services set up through their websites or CRM activities with advanced software for sending out updates to registered individuals.

Google has shown that storing your emails online can be a great benefit for anyone using the service. Storage prices continue to plummet, making it more and more cost effective to store information online. The next step is to have backup storage for your files online. Taking this a step further, by skipping the backup storage solution, with actually keeping your files in a secure area that you can get to from any computer in the world would be a great leapfrog solution.

Word processing is probably one of the most used applications in the world. MS Word leads the charge with powerful features for layout and design for the average person. In fact, I would venture to say that most individuals do not use one tenth of the features that this program provides. Some word processing applications even include spread sheets, bookkeeping, and inventory functions within the same program. See story:

Here are some ways Google and Sun could work together by ZDNet‘s Russell Shaw — No, that’s not real- yet. That’s my mod of how a Google toolbar and a Google Talk prompt could look inside Sun’s StarOffice 8 Impress, StarOffice’s presentation product. Yesterday’s announcement that Google and Sun Microsystems will promote each other’s products brings to mind an old proverb “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”Sun is a […]

The natural progression or evolution of the Internet will be able to have a virtual operating system. In fact this is already taking place. If you take a look at the way things are going now, we have online banking, automatic bill pay, credit card processing, and even great software which allows me to publish on the Internet.

I recently read that Microsoft is concerned about the strides that Google is making into territory that once was regarded as MS only. Several writers have wondered out loud if Google has an operating system in the offering. Maybe the operating system is already there in the form of the virtual Internet world that we all live in. It would be a piece of cake for someone to offer a great word processing program online. Google Docs

Imagine what it would be like to compose a research article on super conductors or hydrogen fuel cells and every time the article is saved, automatic searches are configured based on the keywords in the article. Simply hit the link and you are taken to the keyword searches. This would have the advantage of providing relevant information, and with algorithms built around spurring the mind on into new territories would make better writers of us all. On the right side of the article could be related advertisements. Composing a business article to be printed and postal mailed or attached to an email would be as simple as composing and attaching it to an email or printing it out on your local or networked printer and slipped into the mailbox.

Microsoft – “Gates Warns of ‘Sea Change’ in Memo”

Imagine the software technology possibilities.

Article update: 3/22/2011
It looks like things are coming to fruition: Google Operating System

By: James A. Warholic
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New Technology Software Programs

What can new technology and software do for you?

Well, apparently we can do a lot of things with technology today. In fact, it continually amazes me daily, with new techno software programs that come out into the market place, and in some cases are absolutely free.

This evening I was just surfing around on the web when I landed on my blog sign-in page. I noticed that Google has come out with a tool to be able to compose, edit, and post a blog directly from Microsoft Word.

When the free program is loaded and installed on your computer, a tool bar appears at the top of MS Word which provides a means: to open a post, save a draft, or publish the article.

This could be very useful for both editing and composing posts. For example, while the online publishing control panel is excellent there are features that are built into MS Word that really makes it helpful for instant spelling checks and sentence structure.

Additionally, with the fact that the page in Word is a full size makes it easier to compose your thoughts. I am sure there are other benefits to using a full size word processor that I will discover as time goes on. For now though, this is the first posting that I have done with the Google Toolbar for Microsoft Word. This is Cool. Note: This version does not support graphics. If you are going to edit an older post with pictures, the pictures will be lost when reposted.

One final note: You can even check and edit the html code before it is uploaded and published. Check it out for yourself. Download the free Blogger for Word.

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Backup and Recovery of Hard Drive Failures

I now have a full image backup copy of my PC hard drive.

I have been researching full disk imaging software for awhile now and finally settled on one.

Anyone that has ever tried to do a full image backup of their hard drive with the operating system and all associated files knows how difficult that can be. The Windows system for backup is not the best. If you only want to copy the files without the operating system it will work OK with a hard disk but will not function with other media forms. If it is your desire to be able to make a complete “C drive” disk image while the computer is running from the “C drive” then special software will be required.

One of the concerns that I have had is my internal hard-drive is quite old, with a lot of customer files, programs, and special applications that would be a real pain to rebuild from scratch. The software I selected has a number of features to completely clone a drive image, backup completely, or do incremental backups automatically.

The cool thing about this one was the program was very intuitive to operate from the get-go and then was very easy to verify that it created another image on a large extra internal drive in my PC. It even gave it a new letter “G” as a new partition and mounted hard disk with a password protection so no one would alter the data. It also created a bootable disk on a CD-R. This would be used in the event of a catastrophic failure or if a virus infected the system and a recovery was necessary. Will also work with CD-RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and even to a network disk, USB, SCSI, or FireWire drives. Other features include: selectable data compression, copy all operating system files, can function in the background, schedule full or incremental backups, and the ability to restore or extract selected files. As I stated above, one very important feature I was looking for is to be able to clone a hard drive so everything was exactly the same as the original hard drive.

Here is what you have been waiting for. The name of the software is: Acronis True Image.

Product Features

  • PC Backup and Recovery of Systems, Applications, and Files – Have you ever accidentally deleted a file, had a virus corrupt your files, or had a disk fail?
  • Fast and Easy Backup and Recovery – Acronis True Image Home 2011 provides complete system image backup and recovery of your home PC’s operating system, applications, settings, and personal files.
  • New Windows 7 Integration – True Image Home 2011 scales to the needs of novices and advanced users alike
  • New Graphical User Interface – We have redesigned our recognized user-friendly interface with new features like Drag and Drop for faster navigation.
  • Continuous Data Protection – Acronis Nonstop Backup automatically creates incremental backups every five minutes allowing users to roll back their systems, files, and folders to any point in time in the past.

OK, now I have peace of mind. Next step is to get another large internal hard disk and clone the current drive, swapping out the old and put in the new.

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P2P What? Peer to Peer Computer Programs

Some of you know what P2P means but not everyone knows the tremendous online business applications for this web app.

First off take a look at the meaning. P2P stands for peer-to-peer. The most well know of these are involved in the online file sharing of music. In laymans terms it involves the ability of one computer sharing or transferring of information from one to the other. Transferring of information can be over the Internet or within, on an “Intranet” (internal server). It can involve any number of computers or login to a central server where a database of info is stored. In the true sense of peer-to-peer no one computer is the host client or server. Peer-to-peer allows all computers to operate as both.

A simple form of peer-to-peer that is used by the “Personal Data Assistant” group is when you perform a sync operation. Syncing a PDA to a computer involves the transfer of info from one to the other. In this example the computer or the PDA is updated and synced with the same info.

Other technology applications for this would involve online storage of information, backups of your computer system online, or the sharing of important files with a business partner or friend without having to email it to them. Peer-to-peer networks can be set up in a secure environment where only the person with an identification password and authorization would have access to the files.

Imagine, just being able to place a file in a folder on your desktop and have it show up on your associates computer on the other end without having to wait. Or, being able to have a backup that is updated immediately with no effort on the users part. Imagine how easy this would make it for doing work any place any time. Well, that is a reality today.

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