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By: Jim Warholic, President of Professional Web Services, Inc.

Professional Web MarketingWebsite strategies and Internet marketing business solutions to get found on the Web requires more than search engine submission, search engine optimization “SEO”, and search engine marketing “SEM”, search engine positioning software, or even SEO link buying schemes to increase revenue & traffic. Don’t be fooled by empty promises of a top ranking in the search results with a very low marketing investment, or little or no advertising costs and relatively low time expenditure outlays. I’ve seen more emails than you can imagine that promise to rocket your website to the top of searches for a one time small fee of $49.95. Don’t believe it! Read the SEO School to have a better understanding of the proper search engine optimization process involved in getting your website found online for the long haul.

Smart Internet marketing strategies require extensive time and effort to properly build a good global website design foundation and establish quality links. This requires in-depth research, market planning, and includes the need to have an accurate understanding of the business being targeted and understanding how searches are conducted and what keywords  the targeted online audience is using for each client’s specific B2B or B2C industry, along with an understanding of what a client manufactures, sells, who their customers are, including close ethical partnerships with company management and their IT departments are also a necessity.

Many companies have invested significant corporate financial resources in strategic marketing; online advertising, e-business technology solutions, SWOT analysis, B2C or B2B marketing evaluations, case studies, reports, development projects, etc., but still struggle in generating sufficient online traffic, web visitors, or revenue streams. Remember this one tip: flashy graphics built with Flash, and graphic images do nothing on a website if nobody ever sees them. Search engines only see words, the actual text writing in a website. We help assure that well written text and copywriting are applied in the proper places. Also, it is important to focus on the customers’ needs when designing and maintaining a website. These are essential ingredients for good designs of professional websites.

Internet MarketingProfessional Web Services can help you in more ways than one with our professional and technical ebusiness consulting services, strategic planning, quality leads producing, and powerful sales producing solutions. Let us demonstrate how our Professional Web Services team, together with your team, can produce the most from a smart Web marketing and online advertising campaign budget, with a strategic plan that will keep on giving back dividends to your company and increase your business sales for the long haul via the Web. Gain more buyers, consumers, quality leads, and/or engineers coming to your website looking for the products or services your company sells.

Take a look at our results oriented Internet marketing services.

Check where your company is showing up online with the following website ranking tool:

Search: Google Search

A quick B2C or B2B website design online marketing performance evaluation and can be performed simply by typing what potential customers would be searching for (the actual keywords and keyword phrases that B2C consumers and B2B buyers would use, not necessarily your company name) into the search box describing what an organization manufactures, sells, or the services provided, then analyze the search engine results pages “SERP” listed results.

Do a bit of your own homework by doing an online marketing evaluation can be accomplished using Google, the top search engine. Professional websites and online search engines play fundamental roles together. Where did your website rank in comparison to the competition in the search engine results for the keywords related to your company on the information superhighway? Is your company even found in the Google SERPs?

For a smart ROI solution to increase business or consumer sales for your company, consider using Google AdWords for online pay-per-click advertising once the proper website foundation and good landing pages are built. Take a look around at some of the additional marketing strategies and resources, product branding solutions, webmasters information videos, business Web 2.0 applications, B2B vs B2C info and B2B vs B2C marketing strategies, and other strategic marketing info which can be found throughout many of our marketing pages and websites.

For your solution in business contact the B2B and B2C Internet marketing professionals today. We can help get your company found online with a creative and strategic Web design for marketing and promoting your company to the world.

For professional marketing strategies and B2B and B2C marketing ideas for your business contact us today.

Professional Web Services, Inc., offers our clients Internet marketing, online advertising, sales strategies and solutions for your business. Get the strategic solution now.

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