Search Engine Optimization – Understanding SEO

Internet Marketing StandoutSearch engine optimization (SEO) is actually a Web marketing strategies term that is quite misleading. More accurately stated, SEO is more about website optimization than about search engine optimization; whereby the website is fine tuned for specific keywords and the information architecture structure to make it more search engine friendly.

Though SEO generally deals with the website component, there are other components of SEO today that encompass off site items like quality link building, off site article publications, press releases, and even social media marketing outlets. On the other hand, search engines actually perform their own optimization through minor tweaking, and in some cases doing major updates to their own search algorithms. This is done in order to try and weed out the chaff from the good content and useful information websites. After all, the search engines want the best results possible for any particular keyword search term, with the idea to deliver to the searcher the most relevant and useful information possible.

There have been well documented cases in the news, where large name companies have been removed from the natural or organic search results for unethical SEO practices or gaming the search algorithm system. Some of these large name and even small business companies’ CEOs and presidents have claimed ignorance in that they did not know what their in-house or outsourced SEO was doing to their corporate website. It really doesn’t matter whether the underhanded SEO practices were known or not at the corporate top; as the old saying goes, “ignorance is no defense.” It is wise to know who you are dealing with when it comes to your online intellectual property and your website. The long term consequences to a website domain name for a company that has been guilty of performing SEO black hat tactics, can get the website banned for a very long time in the search results. Imagine your business not showing up in Google Search, even when searching for your domain name in the search field. Think of the impact that would have on your bottom line. Additionally, don’t make the mistake of falling for various search marketing and online advertising schemes like, search engine data merging promises and those email promises of getting you a number one position on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. It is wise to remember, (even though we get these emails by the boat load claiming they can get your website to number one on Google), no one can guarantee a number one position in the natural or organic search results.

While it is impossible to guarantee a number one position on Google, Bing or Yahoo Search, it is however possible for a website to show up for the first page search results using pay-per-click, PPC advertising (also known as search engine marketing, “SEM”), but know this, PPC campaigns are paid online advertising with the search engines, and will cost a client every time someone clicks on the online ad creative. PPC advertising campaigns can make a big impact however, and can be a large component of the Internet marketing picture for many businesses. In fact it is highly beneficial to run PPC campaigns in conjunction with quality landing pages and a good website foundation as the website continues to be improved for keywords and keyword phrases in the organic search results. So, the next time you see an ad, or hear from someone claiming that they can get your website to be number one on Google, be extremely careful and understand what is being said; take a close look to see if that is for PPC advertising or natural search results.

It is important to understand the differences between organic search results (natural search results) and those of PPC advertising campaigns. Organic search can drive traffic for the long haul, but does require a certain amount of development time online, a certain degree of copy writing expertise, and a good Internet marketing strategy to drive qualified traffic to the web page. On the other hand, PPC traffic can be almost instantaneous, however, it will cost you every time someone clicks on the advertisement online. The bottom line, PPC can be applied to quickly probe other markets, both vertical and horizontal market segments, and then through the online advertising campaign analysis, decisions can be made based on sound strategic marketing analysis for website development strategies. You can better target your website with SEO strategies that make sense for your business.

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