Business Ethics in Sales, Marketing, and Advertising

Business Ethics And Global Internet Marketing Client Confidentiality
Nondisclosure Statement

Ethics in business is very important toward establishing a good rapport with clients, and for creating a relationship built on trust between the customer and the vendor. This is especially true when it comes to the Internet and having an SEO service and Internet marketing specialist overseeing a customer’s website. We take a professional approach at all times.

Because of our close working relationship with our clients, including the gathering of detailed information about a company for properly marketing and advertising the organization on the Internet, and for the proper development strategy in the web site design process, we consider a relationship with a client personal and confidential. As such, we will not disclose that information to others.

Confidentiality is key to our core beliefs. You can rest assured we act professionally at all times. We value our client’s privacy on all matters.

Additional to these important Internet marketing, B2C site ethics, and B2B ethical business advertising standards that are maintained, we would gladly sign a nondisclosure confidentiality agreement involving any area the customer wishes, during our information gathering and research processes.

Other Ethical Points of Consideration

We also give our clients advice, as to what will be the impact of disclosing information on a website from not only the perspective of the end user, but also from a competitors point of view. There are a number of B2B & B2C
legal, intellectual property laws, copyrights, marketing ethics, client ethics, and truth in advertising variables to consider closely. A point to remember, not only will a potential buyer of a product or service be viewing the website, but so will the competition.

There are many areas online where the maintaining of proper marketing ethics & principles in business are very important. Situations could occur which could be an embarrassment at best, or revealing trade secrets or
exposing other intellectual property items at worst. You have our assurance that we would hold any such information private and confidential, not divulging the information.

Customer Absolutely Has The Final Say in What is Published Online

Any item of questionable substance for the organization’s website is discussed with management before any changes are placed online. The customer has the final say in all matters.

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