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Making a marketing impact for any business on the Web is full time job.

Website marketing strategies for B2B and B2C is not so much about promoting the website as it is about promoting the company’s brand online. It is all about getting more company exposure through the various online channels available.

Internet marketing often is referred to as web marketing, online marketing, or even sometimes called search engine marketing, and incorporates the process of promoting, selling, and distributing a business in a much broader sense online than just the products or services being sold by a particular business. It can cover everything from internal marketing strategies, Email marketing, newsletters, web site metrics, web branding, online advertising, search engine optimization, quality linking strategies, forums, blogging services, interactive web site designs, Web 2.0, webcasts, podcasts, embedded videos, and other site built-in applications.

Many corporations view their web site marketing entirely as a separate entity, instead of incorporating it into an overall marketing strategy and business plan for the sales and marketing departments to really take advantage of. These same corporations are willing to pay hefty commissions to their sales people without giving them good sales tools or even investing in proper ongoing website maintenance that can be displayed online, and utilized 24 x 7 by their salesmen or marketing departments. Actually, the sales and marketing staff and the web marketing person or marketing organization needs to stay in close contact with one another for sharing of advertising and marketing strategies.

The salesmen at most companies are typically on the front line. They know what customers are looking for and can provide excellent feedback in the form of the technical, engineering, buyers, or consumer information (depending on whether the business is B2B or B2C) that is being requested. This information can then be further developed and improved upon in the website to help promote the company online. Then, with this additional information the sales people can link to specific web pages or landing pages in their emails, when writing to prospects or clients, and either have an overview of the products or services provided, or the email provides more detailed marketing information. For many businesses this requires improving the lines of communications between everyone from the top on down. Webmasters can certainly be instructed to upload new relevant articles, but so much more can be done prior to, and after, a page is uploaded to the website to make a huge sales and marketing impact.

Strategically evaluating the market place for a particular product or service for a business, and scoping out the competition becomes even more important for every business on the Web. The days are long gone where just placing a placard of a web site online, and then taking the attitude, that’s all we have have to do to have an online marketing strategy, is very naive indeed. It is important to understand, the process of marketing the web site is one of: time, effort, sustenance, and brand awareness. It takes a significant amount of time, substantial efforts in the way of creative writing, technical writing, and copywriting of good content, and building an online brand awareness in a particular market segment to really establish and increase your web site exposure through the search engine results pages.

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