Google Webmaster Videos and Website Best Practices Guides

The following informative videos are produced in the format of short questions and answers sessions, by Google, to help webmasters and website owners better understand the world of SEO as it pertains to Google’s policies, search algorithms, link building, content writing, and general information guidelines for website best practices. Check back; new videos are added regularly.

Google’s Webmaster Central also has helpful information for webmasters and website owners covering items such as website design, web content, technical information, and website quality. There is also a help center, forums, and tools to analyze a website (your website) and learn what website improvements can be made to bring more traffic, and convert that traffic into paying customers.

The bottom line for B2B or B2C businesses to consider, by implementing ongoing improvements to any website the result will be better quality lead generation and long term online sales conversions. This is a win win for everyone. Business will reap the benefits of having their business show up in the search engine results pages for specific keywords and keyword phrases; Google and the other search engines will reap the rewards of better search results; and B2B and B2C customers will reap the rewards of finding what they are looking for online and have a much better search experience.


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