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The question all companies ask, “How can we get our business website to show up in the top of the online search engine results pages? We have spent thousands of dollars on our website design but visitors and new customers still don’t seem to find or see us in the search engines.”

How to get your business website found in Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing Search engines.

So, what does it take to get your company found on the Internet search engines? How can your business website be seen in the top search engine results pages specific for your company’s keywords?

The answer to getting found at the top in Google Search and the other search engines for your industry specific keywords is simple to say, but the truth is it takes an investment of time and Internet marketing and SEOSearch Engine Optimization expertise, analysis, keyword optimization, good content, website optimization tuning, quality link building, and sound marketing and advertising principles to make it happen. Sure you could spend years learning the Internet marketing discipline; having to deal with its continual changes in the search engine algorithms and the implementation of new Web 2.0 technologies for email marketing campaigns, lead capture, and customer conversions, but then you would not have time to do the one thing that you know best — how to run your business.

Beware of Search Engine Keyword Shysters

Beware, the online world is filled with lots of promises of a number one position on the number one search engine, Google Search. However, what those same people don’t tell you is what seldom searched for terms and obscure keywords that they will use to place your site at the top of the search results pages. Even if they can get a website displayed at the number one position for those seldom searched for terms, there will be very little Web traffic to your site. Beware of having to pay for search engine submission. Note:  search engine submission is free of charge.

Then of course — there is a group that does place your site at the top of the leading search engines but only on their network of computers that have certain spyware loaded onto them. In fact, there is even a search engine that is using a form of data merging technology to alter the organic search results in their own search engine. Many businesses and individuals have fallen for the keyword search engine data merging technology, with nothing to show for it in the way of sales leads or customer conversions. The majority of hits from the paid keywords data merging network of websites only last for a few seconds, and only the home page is ever gone to, and maybe not even looked at by a human, with no customer conversions. Investigations have shown that these hits might actually be computer robots doing the hits. This keyword scam and other search engine scams have cost many company owners thousands of dollars annually with nothing to show for it except their credit card bills.

Ethical Internet Marketing And Search Engine Optimization

Internet marketing that is good for both the customers’ brands and their websites, in the long run, requires the Internet marketing firm having good ethics. Several areas are key for long lasting Internet marketing success. By following the search engine best practices guidelines for proper website development, and following ethical Internet standards for trademarks and copyrights, and ethical business practices when dealing with customers and their intellectual property, will all have a direct bearing on how customers’ brands will be impacted online.

The reality of the Internet marketing situation is that a customer’s website is their intellectual property. What is said on the website, and the advertising claims being portrayed throughout the entire website, are ultimately the business owners’ responsibilities. A quality marketing firm must be able to communicate intimately with the key business owners, sales and marketing personnel, and even the IT department needs to be brought into the fold. The CEOs and company presidents must be able to trust an Internet marketing services company not to share private email communications, confidential information, trade secrets, or any intellectual property with any outside sources. For those reasons, it is imperative that the Internet marketing and SEO organization follow high ethical business standards.

Professional Internet Marketing ServicesGet Your Website Listed Not Unlisted

Graphic designers are great at putting beautiful graphic websites together with very little thought into the search engine friendliness of the website design. Typically a designer can spend an exorbitant amount of time with the layout, graphics, and overall design structure, while giving very little attention to the underlying code details from a search engine perspective. Some website designers take the following red flag attitude:

“After all, the customer doesn’t look at the html or JavaScript code and besides it takes a lot of time to analyze and edit the customer’s content to make it more search engine friendly. The customer will never know the difference.”

To properly do search engine optimization of a website does take time. Each and every page will have to be analyzed. Many times, a website is simply not search engine friendly because a graphic designer used all graphics or a big fancy Flash website design, with little or no actual html body text for the search engines to catalog. Other times, a website is put together in a cookie cutter approach; whereby the site is configured using all frames technology and the internal frame information can not be spidered by the search engine robots. A website visitor is able to read it but the spiders can not dig down into the code because of the way a particular website is constructed.

Website Design SEO Tip

Do not have a website designer create an all Flash web site. Flash is great for some internal website applications in order to demonstrate or advertise certain key aspects of a business, product, or service. All Flash is not the best solution for a search engine friendly website. Also, avoid using iFrames to layout the entire website. An iFrame can be a useful tool for certain applications, but for the whole website design, iFrames is old technology, plus there are much better ways of designing a search engine friendly website today.

If you are serious about having your business website draw more traffic, new customers, and being a 24 x 7 x 365 business solution ? along with an extremely powerful sales, marketing, and advertising tool, then Professional Web Services has the Internet marketing, online advertising, Web branding, and SEO expertise to help place your company on the global Internet map. Your website can be an online source to provide more sales for you.

Start bringing in those new customers today with Professional Web Services B2C and B2B marketing expertise. Contact us now, for a free consultation and more information about investing in professional Internet marketing services that can make a difference for your business.

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