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Most business people that I talk with have a false idea of what web page hits or web site hits are all about. The term “hits” refers to when a web page is called up or displayed in a browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, and the individual entities displayed in the web page are considered hits.

For example, a page that has 3 graphics, a JavaScript menu, and a hit counter would actually have a total of six or more hits, five for each of the web page entities and one for the page itself.

Many times companies that are involved in web site optimization will falsely give businesses the impression that they will increase the hits significantly with very little talk about increasing the numbers of unique visitors or returning visitors to a website.

For this reason it is important to understand that the issue is not about the total number of hits to a website, but more importantly it is about the number of page views, along with an increase in the unique visitor category.

Many SEO companies have been taking advantage of their clients’ ignorance of not understanding web page hits. We have seen a false impression in the website analytics provided, especially in the consumer related fields such as the real estate industry, that many of the counters and analytics provided for feedback to the Realtor from large name real estate industry website design corporations, actually show the number of hits only, instead of the much better analytic of the number of page views or unique visitor counts. This is especially troublesome when a Realtor or business person has no idea as to what these terms actually mean. Unethical companies can easily pawn off Online advertising and Internet marketing to a business person of increasing the hits with no talk hat-so-ever about an increase in the page views or new customer acquisitions, and web page conversions. A website that only concentrates on the hits will have little or no customer conversions. There will not be a significant increase in the number of new customers directly attributed to the website itself.

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While some in the industry are beginning to use the term “hits” to mean when a page is pulled up from a location such as a search engine results page, SERP, from a search engine search query, there is no consistency to the use of the hits term that way. Many SEO companies continue to use the term because of the double meanings associated with it. When dealing with an Internet marketing services group or SEO company, it is always important to confirm exactly what they mean by increasing web page hits. Don’t just assume that increasing the overall web site hits is going to help in your bottom line sales and marketing efforts. Much more is involved with the whole process of increasing the visibility of a website on the Internet.

When it comes to gaining new customers from the Internet, the goals should be to increase the number of unique visitors to a website and convert them into paying customers. The business to business, B2B, world typically requires more attention to developing a customer through sales and marketing follow-ups and providing more detailed information in the way of illustrations or in-depth articles for online returning visitors. On the other hand, the majority of business to consumer, B2C, world requires a website that is fast, friendly, and easy to use for purchasing items through eCommerce channels. But make no mistake about it, both B2B and B2C business types need to have an increase in the number of online unique visitors to improve online sales leads and convert them into paying customers. This complete process of bringing new visitors to a website through the search engines and other key linked World Wide Web locations is known as Internet marketing.

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