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SEO Marketing ServicesWhy should your business invest in online marketing and search engine optimization “SEO” services, and what criteria should you be looking for in an Internet marketing and SEO services company?

If you want to get your business-to-business “B2B” or, business-to-consumer “B2C” company and website discovered online, obtaining traffic, new leads, and customers coming to your website through the search engines, and increase your sales volume, then it is wise to invest in professional SEO services.

What is the goal of a search engine optimizer, and what is SEO all about?

The goal of a SEO specialist is ultimately to have the customer’s business and website found at or near the top of the search engine results pages “SERP” not just for their business name, but for what products they sell or the services provided. Having a website show up in the SERPs can mean all the difference in the world for a business; from having just a trickle of online sales or leads generated, to having a large abundance of sales and quality leads generated.

How is search engine optimization performed?

One way that a good SEO performs their job is to improve the frequency of keywords related to the business used throughout the website. Also, by using keyword popularity tools, a good SEO specialist can gain valuable insight into other keywords and keyword phrases that may be missing from the website in the first place. By including these related keywords and phrases, it is possible to target additional website visitors with significantly higher customer conversion rates, who may be using synonyms, plural forms of the keywords, and long tail searches on the search engines; especially in light of how searchers are looking for more specific answers, with more words included in their searches to begin with, and make a more powerful strategic sales and marketing message, and online advertising impact for a company’s bottom line sales generated via the web.  Although building up of the keywords throughout the website is very important from an SEO perspective; this process however, is only a fraction of the total work involved with properly optimizing a website for any particular business market segment or segments.

How is the website developed for target markets?

Developing the website for a targeted market segment requires optimizing the website body text, titles, pictures, tags, links, and descriptions used throughout all the pages of the entire website with good copywriting prose. Having a web page that is not too heavy in the keywords used in the body text, and not too light on the main topic and substance, can make all the difference in the world for showing up in the natural search results, also known as organic search engine results pages, when a potential customer, buyer, engineer, or website visitor is looking (using a search keyword or keyword phrase) for the products or services your business provides. These organic search results are differentiated from the paid advertising ads (pay-per-click “PPC“) which are typically seen on the top and right of the organic search page results, are sometimes displayed in different colors to add further differentiation, and are also related to the keywords used by the searchers in the search term(s).

Statistical analysis of the website performance and online market reach should be an ongoing evaluation process.

The SEO’s job should be to continually monitor the online statistics for their clients’ websites. This means evaluating the website’s performance by analyzing the website stats data for: where a visitor comes from, the general visitation habits of a reader, determine what the popular pages are, look closely at the entry pages, determine the visit lengths, analyze the exit pages, and closely monitor recent keywords used to arrive at the website and also analyze long-term keyword usage statistics.

As this ongoing statistical analysis is performed, it will dictate what the strategy should be for building up the sales and marketing message in the website and the various target landing pages. Improvements of the web pages themselves can have a very positive cumulative affect not only with the target markets being sought after, but also in the search engine results, and for having new visitors arriving and then subsequently becoming new customers, which is, part of the customer conversion process.

How does one go about developing market segments and new markets online?

Marketing of Your Business OnlineWhen developing a business website, it is also important for an SEO to have a detailed understanding and intimate knowledge of the BtoB or BtoC business being promoted, in order to properly fine tune the web pages for each market sector. Many times a business has more than one market segment that needs to be targeted. To target another market segment properly online, requires developing new web pages, and fine tuning existing pages that speak directly to each of the particular market segments. This requires market research and understanding the technical language, especially in the case of BtoB businesses, used by each of the business sectors, and in the case of the BtoC business model, is to have an understanding of the various keyword nuances used for searching the products or services being sought after by the consumer.

Internet marketing plays a big role in expanding the market reach of a website.

Additionally, the job of an SEO needs to be more of an Internet marketing specialist. The online marketing specialist is a person or organization that can help promote specific landing pages and to a greater extent, the entire website, through a multitude of online channels. This can be in the forms of writing in online forums, social media outlets, technical writing of articles and content; as in the form of white papers, briefs, and press releases, creative ads and copywriting for pay-per-click online advertising campaigns and banner ads, relevant directory submissions, and other forms of Internet marketing services that would also include technologies such as embedded videos, streaming audio, and other Web 2.0 application tools that are ideally suited for highlighting a company’s key attributes to targeted website visitors.

Ethics are important for an SEO to have.

Why should you be concerned if an SEO is ethical? For one thing, it is imperative to make sure that a person can be trusted with your online company brand. Online brand image is very important to consider. You would not want someone to tarnish your good company name online. Consider the fact that an SEO will be representing you through their optimization efforts of your online intellectual property. Yes, your website is your business’s intellectual property and must be thought of in that way. You would not want someone to do something that would bring harm to the company name online.

Don’t take shortcut steps with an SEO promising they can get you to the number one position on Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft Bing Search Engines. We get these emails all the time too with guarantees they can get your website to the number one position for the natural search results, though most just say they can get your website to the number one position, but what they don’t tell you is, it would be with a PPC advertising campaign. Sometimes PPC advertising campaigns are referred to as search engine marketing or SEM for short. Many times what some folks will not tell you, is they will get your website to number one for some obscure keyword phrase that is seldom, if ever, searched for online.

Search algorithms are in a constant state of flux for the organic search results. Each search  engine company has their own criteria based on hundreds of factors in their own search algorithm for determining which website will be ranked number one in the search results for each specific search keyword(s). Search engine companies are constantly fine tuning and tweak the algorithms to produce better search results for their users. So, don’t be so foolish as to believe those #1 promises online. There will always be things in the underlying website code that can not be seen by the non-technical crowd, but could potentially harm your online brand through an SEO exploitation of hidden keyword stuffing or other off site factors in order to play the search engines. Your brand and website could really pay for this by having it pulled from the search results. This is where you really need to take the high road, and use someone that you can trust. You don’t want your B2B or B2C business website and brand image thrown out of the search results, do you?

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