New Technology Software Programs

What can new technology and software do for you?

Well, apparently we can do a lot of things with technology today. In fact, it continually amazes me daily, with new techno software programs that come out into the market place, and in some cases are absolutely free.

This evening I was just surfing around on the web when I landed on my blog sign-in page. I noticed that Google has come out with a tool to be able to compose, edit, and post a blog directly from Microsoft Word.

When the free program is loaded and installed on your computer, a tool bar appears at the top of MS Word which provides a means: to open a post, save a draft, or publish the article.

This could be very useful for both editing and composing posts. For example, while the online publishing control panel is excellent there are features that are built into MS Word that really makes it helpful for instant spelling checks and sentence structure.

Additionally, with the fact that the page in Word is a full size makes it easier to compose your thoughts. I am sure there are other benefits to using a full size word processor that I will discover as time goes on. For now though, this is the first posting that I have done with the Google Toolbar for Microsoft Word. This is Cool. Note: This version does not support graphics. If you are going to edit an older post with pictures, the pictures will be lost when reposted.

One final note: You can even check and edit the html code before it is uploaded and published. Check it out for yourself. Download the free Blogger for Word.

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