Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Advertising?

Where to place your advertising dollars online…

The following chart is showing where most of the searches are occurring. When deciding where to invest your online advertising dollars, it might look like Google is the only place to invest, however, depending on your particular business, whether technical oriented, business oriented, or consumer oriented; it is probably a wise decision to try some test advertising campaigns in Yahoo and Microsoft also.

In October, Google Sites increased its lead atop the core search ranking with 58.5 percent of U.S. searches, gaining 1.5 share points versus the previous month. Yahoo! Sites ranked second with 22.9 percent, followed by Microsoft Sites (9.7 percent), Ask Network (4.7 percent) and Time Warner Network (4.2 percent).

comScore Core Search Report*
October 2007
Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations
Source: comScore qSearch 2.0

Core Search Entity

Share of Searches (%)

Sep – 07

Oct -07

Point Change Oct-07 vs. Sep-07

Total Core Search




Google Sites




Yahoo! Sites




Microsoft Sites




Ask Network




Time Warner Network




* Based on the five major search engines including partner searches and cross-channel searches. Searches for mapping, local directory, and user-generated video sites that are not on the core domain of the five search engines are not included in the core search numbers.

In October, Americans conducted 10.5 billion searches at the core search engines, marking a 12-percent increase versus September. More than 6.1 billion core searches were conducted at Google Sites during the month (up 15 percent), while Yahoo! Sites recorded 2.4 billion (up 8 percent). All core search engines posted solid gains in search query volume in October.

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Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Enemies Closer

In a technology article at ZDNet, concerning Microsoft and the Mozilla Firefox teams, Microsoft extends an invitation to work together.

Microsoft extends a helping hand to Firefox developers – but why? by ZDNet‘s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes — It seems that Microsoft wants to help aid in the development of the Firefox browser and has extended an invitation to the Firefox and Thunderbird teams to visit with the right people to get Firefox running under Vista. The invitation came in the form of a message posted last Saturday by Sam Ramji, Director of Open Source Software Lab at Microsoft to the newsgroup. But why?

The author of the article lays out some interesting points and makes the argument that Mozilla Firefox teams should accept the offer by Microsoft to work together because, in the words of the author, “It could be a great opportunity. If nothing else, it’ll probably be fun.”

In my estimation, Microsoft has much to gain from getting more of the inside scoop from the Open Source developers than do the Open Source developers to gain from Microsoft. Microsoft has slowly started to loose market share in the browser battles, and what better way to stay on top of what the Open Source community is doing then to have an inside perch. One of the reasons Microsoft has been pushing for their new IE7 browser is because of the improved technologies in the Firefox browser for tabbed browsing, advanced security features, clearing private data, faster browsing, improved pop-up blocker, integrated search, live bookmarks, and a number of other features that really make Firefox standout when compared to Internet Explorer.

Now, it is not like the Firefox code is secret, after all it is an open source code, but how much sense does it make to give a head start to someone that would like to do away with you in the first place? In this particular case are the Mozilla developers going to call Microsoft, friend or foe? Who really is the fox here?

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Online Operating Systems / Web Applications

The time is coming when the computer operating system at home or the office will need to be nothing more than a connection to the Internet. Web Applications and Operating Systems will reside online and even your files will be able to be stored in a secure online area.

Today, businesses utilize internal web applications that reside on a Intranet server to do all types of CRM, order processing, billing, and even word processing. These types of processes are also being done through the Internet with Realtors for example using MLS search services set up through their websites or CRM activities with advanced software for sending out updates to registered individuals.

Google has shown that storing your emails online can be a great benefit for anyone using the service. Storage prices continue to plummet, making it more and more cost effective to store information online. The next step is to have backup storage for your files online. Taking this a step further, by skipping the backup storage solution, with actually keeping your files in a secure area that you can get to from any computer in the world would be a great leapfrog solution.

Word processing is probably one of the most used applications in the world. MS Word leads the charge with powerful features for layout and design for the average person. In fact, I would venture to say that most individuals do not use one tenth of the features that this program provides. Some word processing applications even include spread sheets, bookkeeping, and inventory functions within the same program. See story:

Here are some ways Google and Sun could work together by ZDNet‘s Russell Shaw — No, that’s not real- yet. That’s my mod of how a Google toolbar and a Google Talk prompt could look inside Sun’s StarOffice 8 Impress, StarOffice’s presentation product. Yesterday’s announcement that Google and Sun Microsystems will promote each other’s products brings to mind an old proverb “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”Sun is a […]

The natural progression or evolution of the Internet will be able to have a virtual operating system. In fact this is already taking place. If you take a look at the way things are going now, we have online banking, automatic bill pay, credit card processing, and even great software which allows me to publish on the Internet.

I recently read that Microsoft is concerned about the strides that Google is making into territory that once was regarded as MS only. Several writers have wondered out loud if Google has an operating system in the offering. Maybe the operating system is already there in the form of the virtual Internet world that we all live in. It would be a piece of cake for someone to offer a great word processing program online. Google Docs

Imagine what it would be like to compose a research article on super conductors or hydrogen fuel cells and every time the article is saved, automatic searches are configured based on the keywords in the article. Simply hit the link and you are taken to the keyword searches. This would have the advantage of providing relevant information, and with algorithms built around spurring the mind on into new territories would make better writers of us all. On the right side of the article could be related advertisements. Composing a business article to be printed and postal mailed or attached to an email would be as simple as composing and attaching it to an email or printing it out on your local or networked printer and slipped into the mailbox.

Microsoft – “Gates Warns of ‘Sea Change’ in Memo”

Imagine the software technology possibilities.

Article update: 3/22/2011
It looks like things are coming to fruition: Google Operating System

By: James A. Warholic
President Professional Web Services
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