P2P What? Peer to Peer Computer Programs

Some of you know what P2P means but not everyone knows the tremendous online business applications for this web app.

First off take a look at the meaning. P2P stands for peer-to-peer. The most well know of these are involved in the online file sharing of music. In laymans terms it involves the ability of one computer sharing or transferring of information from one to the other. Transferring of information can be over the Internet or within, on an “Intranet” (internal server). It can involve any number of computers or login to a central server where a database of info is stored. In the true sense of peer-to-peer no one computer is the host client or server. Peer-to-peer allows all computers to operate as both.

A simple form of peer-to-peer that is used by the “Personal Data Assistant” group is when you perform a sync operation. Syncing a PDA to a computer involves the transfer of info from one to the other. In this example the computer or the PDA is updated and synced with the same info.

Other technology applications for this would involve online storage of information, backups of your computer system online, or the sharing of important files with a business partner or friend without having to email it to them. Peer-to-peer networks can be set up in a secure environment where only the person with an identification password and authorization would have access to the files.

Imagine, just being able to place a file in a folder on your desktop and have it show up on your associates computer on the other end without having to wait. Or, being able to have a backup that is updated immediately with no effort on the users part. Imagine how easy this would make it for doing work any place any time. Well, that is a reality today.

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