What Is Podcasting?

Podcast the Web Broadcast

In my book, technology is the mother of invention and it sure is inventing new words to go along with the products created.

One of those invented words is podcasting.
Podcasting and Podcasts are from Apple iPod and broadcasting words. By now, everyone knows the iPod is a small device that can fit in your shirt pocket and stores MP3 songs or audio files. These files can be played back any place any time. Podcasting continues to evolve from a form of free speech to businesses using podcasts for marketing strategies. There are even online directories with broadcasts of everything from sports information, computers, science, technology, and more.

You do not need to have an iPod device in order to use this. All that is needed is a computer and an Internet connection. There are free program readers that will allow you to subscribe to any broadcast online. When a subscribed to show is broadcasted the program can be set up to notify you and download the MP3 file to your computer. To sample any of these files simply do a search for podcasts or podcasting and listen to the files before your subscribe.

Much the same way blogs have changed the face of the Internet the podcasts could do the same. Anyone can set one up. All that is required is a computer and a microphone.

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