Hooked on Internet Speed

by: James A. Warholic

Once you get high speed hook-up there is no turning back!

If you have never tried cable or DSL (digital subscriber line) you have no idea what you are missing. Maybe that is good!

I have been using a digital cable high speed connection for years now and I do not know what I would do without it. Extensive time is spent online, researching projects, building and maintaining websites, uploading pictures and multimedia files to websites, downloading important documents from customers, FTP uploads and downloads, and downloading software updates.

With the number of software updates that occur weekly it would take forever on a dialup connection to download the patches.

Sometimes I am reminded of how long things took before when a website takes a long time to load or when a website goes down and the feeling of frustration that sets in when trying to access it.

Speed seems to be increasing. I just heard that a cable high speed ISP is up around 4 megabits per second. These speeds were unheard of just five or ten years ago for the average consumer.

With speed increases comes advanced online applications, games, news delivery, and entertainment apps.

People are spending more time on the Internet for all forms of information. Information delivery systems such as RSS and Atom feeds for blogs and websites are being used by the average person. High speed Internet applications are involved with cell phones and PDA technology for messaging, emails, and photos. Whole cities are being setup for wireless high-speed access for not only the police and fire departments but for the citizens themselves. WiFi Hot Spots are at various Starbucks and even McDonalds has wireless at some of their locations. Cameras are linked into the Internet system at intersections and highway overpasses to monitor red light violations and traffic flow.

Yes, it is truly amazing at the speed at which the Internet has affected are lives.

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