Google is Your Website Home Page

Most people in the business world don’t have a clue that their home page of their website is not really their home page at all. The home page of a website is Google.

G Marketing Your CompanyLet me explain that statement and expand on the Google Home page premise for your website. The majority of people that find your business online for the first time probably are looking in one of two ways. One way is they find your business online through an online directory with a small snippet of information about your website, or they go to Google Search and type a keyword search term that hopefully your business is showing up for that particular term for which the keyword is related to your company’s products sold or the services provided by your company. The person first reads an online snippet of information on the Google Search results page, and this effectively, or for many businesses the case may be — ineffectively tells about a particular business page or website. Businesses sometimes spend thousands of dollars with graphic designers to design a beautiful website, and think wow that looks great! But as is the case the majority of the time, very little thought went into the sales and marketing presentation from the Google Search home page perspective. Words are key for search branding, and not necessarily the words displayed in a graphic image format, but the actual body text written in the web site.

How boring the graphic designers say. “You mean I can’t have the pretty font, that sweeps up on the tips of the letters? You mean I have to worry about people resizing the body text in the browser? You mean I can’t build an all Flash website and force people to read the text in small print? But I’m a graphic artist, and this is how it looks the best. I can’t let people mess with perfection!,” exclaimed the graphic designer.

Well folks, let me tell you the truth. You can spend thousands of dollars on a B2B or B2C website design and get very few buyers or consumers, let alone Web site visitors, because you broke the number one cardinal rule for website design online. You did not make the decision to go with a search engine friendly website design. Anyone in business that takes this extreme view of thinking that the graphic design for a website is the most important aspect for a website, is cutting their business throat from a search perspective. There needs to be a balance between graphic design and search engine friendliness.

While the search perspective is certainly key for the sales and marketing aspect of the business’s success, there is another very important brand image implication that must be taken into account too. In fact, the brand image may be one of the most important aspects to long term online and offline success for your business. Brand awareness is the process of when people start recognizing your business as you. This can be both good or bad, depending on your brand image; but having the brand association of customers and potential customers recognizing your products or services as provided by your business, are keys to implementing long term sales and marketing strategies for sustainable business growth.

The process of building up a quality brand image online begins with the website structure and the words used throughout. This means not only the words of the text seen, but also the words in the Titles and Description tags of your website HTML coding. The foundation of the website doesn’t stop there. The pictures you use, how you name them, and even the Alt tags (Picture Description Tags) are keys to your brand image online. Many of the tags are seen only by the search engine robots. These robots record the underlying information and assign a value to each particular foundation item. Note: These items are only a small fraction of what needs to be taken into account when designing the website and expanding upon what has already been established, in the case of an older website.

Good Internet Marketing Means Not Walking Away From Your Website Design

Don’t think that you can put a website together and then walk away from it after you are finished with the design. First off, a website is never finished. You might think it is, but believe me when I tell you that it should always be in a state of improvement. It’s not like you have a Pablo Picasso masterpiece hung up in a art museum and all you need to do is sign your name at the bottom, and say, “I have a masterpiece, now come and see it for yourself.” No no, that is the wrong marketing attitude. Online marketing and the website itself is all about the art of revision. Revision of both the writing and the foundation of the website needs to be an ongoing work of art. Everything from the brand images displayed to the words used behind the front page scenes needs to be taken into account for properly developing the total online brand image.

When a business understands the interaction between marketing, advertising, and branding online, and develops their website taking into account all aspects; then your business will start to see much more success and sales online.

Are you curious about how your business looks online? Act now, and get a free online branding report today.

Contact Professional Web Services today. Start gaining new customers with Internet marketing services that will get your B2B or B2C business found online in the search engine results pages.

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Online Branding Matters

Local Internet Marketing Provides More Local Sales

New Home
Local home builders are tapping into the Internet to increase home sales.

This story reflects the true nature of what is happening with the Internet and sales generated. Other homebuilders need to look at the following results of what has happened with Lennar and apply those lessons learned into their own home building domains.

For example, in June, Lennar had 251 Internet generated leads and 255 live chat sessions (roughly 7.5 per day). By the end of the month, the internet team helped drive 20% of the total homes sold. In July, the number are even more impressive with internet leads reaching 439 and roughly 25% of sales impacted by one of the internet avenues of communication. The most recent results indicate that the internet channel played an active role with just over 40% of home sales in August.

Read more Local Internet Marketing for Home Sales

In the age of the Internet that we live in, all businesses would be wise to consider the importance of using Internet marketing to get their message out. Local, National, or International searching for products or services provided by your company may be missing the buyers’ eyes in the search engine results pages.

What is your business about? Business Services, Consumer Services, Electronics, Technology Services, Biotechnology, Industrial Equipment Supplier, Manufacturing, Computer Products, Medical Equipment, Health Care, Real Estate, Wholesale and Retail, B2B or B2C, or Small Business; if your pages are not found online, how will customers discover your business on the Internet?

Contact Professional Web Services for the local and global Internet marketing solution.

B2B Marketing Strategies – Teamwork Corporate Marketing

Strategic marketing a business-to-business “B2B”  company involves teamwork from the president on down.

Getting everyone on the same page for B2B marketing strategies can sometimes be the toughest part of a president’s job. As Internet marketing specialists, Professional Web Services needs to get the feedback from our business customers, concerning their customers through the sales and marketing personnel of what is happening with online advertising campaigns, website landing pages, information requests, referral leads, and current and future products or services. In addition to this direct information from sales and marketing, there is a need from the engineering department to provide the nuts and bolts information of what is being designed, manufactured, or fabricated for their business customers. All of this information must be taken into account when maintaining a website.

As technology changes, or improvements are made in the manufacturing processes, it is important to share the information in a way that does not directly divulge intellectual property rights of either the business being served, nor of the company processes themselves. Simply staying quiet is no longer an option for businesses today. B2B Businesses jump ship as quickly as they can do a search online for the next manufacturer, fabricator, or the technology expert that can solve a problem with a (Wow I didn’t know I could do that!) new solution.

In addition to the competitive nature of just about every industry on the planet today, there is an international competitiveness, that the Internet has made our planet into a very small world indeed. China for one example has become a powerhouse. With their low overhead in labor rates, along with their relatively week adherence to pollution controls, companies in the developed sectors are having their products, OEM parts, and components built in China at a fraction of the cost of what any of the developed countries in the world can build them for.

Take for example, the PCB industry. As recently as ten years ago, the United States was king in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. However, the Internet has made the United States a past performance item for PCB manufacturing. I have visited many printed circuit shops and can tell you that the United States can’t build a circuit board at the prices that are quoted from China. The raw materials, laminate prices, copper costs, and carbide drills alone are more than what many of the boards can be built here in the USA.

The Internet has also made it easy to transfer information at light speed from one end of the globe to the other. Computers process the data in a fraction of a second. Software programs are used in India to generate the circuit board data from Gerber files. Drill and rout programs can automatically be generated and then transferred to a Chinese manufacturing plant where labor rates are a fraction of anywhere else in the world.

Businesses have squeezed their suppliers so much, that many of them have simply gone out of business. Is there any doubt, in anyone’s mind that we are living in a very competitive landscape? For this reason alone, it is important to maximize a business’s exposure online.

The Online Landscape

But, that brings us back to the teamwork scenario. A B2B business has to work as a team from all facets, in order to maximize the marketing potential available through the online landscape. The online landscape is ripe for opportunities. To take advantage of the situation is like playing a baseball game. Everyone must work together in order for the team to be successful. Take for example of managing an online advertising campaign. Web metrics can only do so much. Sure a person can figure out the conversion from impressions to clicks, but can a person tell with Web metrics alone, how many of these clicks became actual customers? No way. Web metrics can give you an idea of what percentage of people that click on an online Ad go to a specific page, or sign up for a specific item, but Web metrics alone can not tell you for sure if they became a customer later on down the line. The only way to get exact details is to ask.

Why is the Concept of People Metrics so Foreign?

This goes to the first contact principal. When dealing with a customer for the first time, does anyone ask the simple question how they found your business? So, a person says they found your business on the Internet. Great, but did they click on an Ad, did they click on the website in the search results, did they come from an online directory, did they already know your name and search for your company using the search engines, or what was the keyword, keywords, or key phrases were typed into the search bar at Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft Live Search to find your company on the Internet?

The importance of feedback can not be overstated. Without feedback, a company has no way of knowing of how successful anything is. This requires the first or second contact person asking the simple question, and documenting that information for upper management, sales and marketing, and the person or group in charge of Internet marketing and online advertising campaigns.

With solid marketing information, the Internet marketing specialists can make adjustments to online advertising campaigns and improvements to the website design for better overall customer conversions.

Engineers Need To Tell Stories

Many of the businesses that are looking for solutions for manufacturing of their products, or technology solutions to a particular software or hardware issue, often converse with the resident engineers of many of the manufacturing, fabrication, or software technology companies in the world. How often are these stories being shared between what an engineer has talked about with a customer and the sales and marketing staff, or the Internet marketing team? If everyone is just doing their own job mode, your business is missing a wonderful sales and marketing opportunity.

Internet marketing experts do not magically know the inside scoop from each and every business in the world. Every market sector has its own unique set of keywords used. The only way online marketing personnel can learn about that information is for it to be shared with an individual or the Internet marketing team. Companies that supply technology services, or various OEM products to a wide variety of fields, will have a different communications language with the engineers from those market sectors. That is why, it is important to share that information with the team.

Internet Marketing Services

Teamwork is your B2B key to success.

Make Professional Web Services part of your marketing team and we will go above and beyond what your expectations are with Internet marketing services designed to produce results for your company. It’s all a matter of Results Oriented Internet Marketing Services.

Developing a Business Brand Online

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Online Branding Matters

Smart branding means developing your business brand online.
by: Jim Warholic

Working Together
Get Your Website Found Online

B2B and B2C companies need to take a concerted effort online to establish their brands in the market place.

Branding begins at all levels, from the logo to the words written on a website and the information released in the public market place. Branding efforts should never stop. Just like in sports, teams need to get better in order to compete at or above the level of their competitors, so to in the matters of establishing a good brand image in the minds of the consumer.

Brands can quickly become tarnished with even the smallest of issues. Sometimes, a company can bring it on themselves by aggressively trying too hard to market themselves through negative aspects instead of promoting the positive attributes. In recent times, legal issues can even become a spoiling of a brand image. Take for instance a company the size of Microsoft, that has a market capitalization of $300 billion dollars, has recently tried to flex its legal muscles by claiming patent infringement of the open source community. Never mind the fact, that they have not filed a lawsuit, nor have they stated what the patent infringements are. While these are legal issues, it is wise to take a look at the impact from a brand image.

I would venture to say that Microsoft probably did not think this latest publicity move out. By bringing up an unsupported claim that the open source community is using patents taken from Microsoft has the air of a big company trying to put the squeeze on the free open source software companies. This reminds me of the neighborhood bully, demanding money from the locals for just being at the community center. Microsoft is not endearing itself to businesses or consumers by their latest patent saber rattling. While Microsoft’s brand is known for all the softwares and operating systems that are provided, they have not considered the long term aspect for what they are doing and saying.

Microsoft has tried to sound very open to various partnership arrangements for developing software in the open source communities. One such collaboration effort was Microsoft proposing a group working with and sharing information about the Firefox Mozilla open source software. See the following article: Microsoft invites Firefox development team to Redmond

Microsoft wants to help aid in the development of Firefox. It sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? If you’re still here, let me tell you that it’s not as bad as it seems. Sam Ramji, Director of Microsoft’s Open Source Software Lab, has extended an invitation to the Firefox and Thunderbird developers asking them if they’d like to visit the company’s open source research center. Microsoft’s hopes are that, in a four-day span, the company can provide the open source developers with enough information to get the popular web browser running smoothly on Windows Vista.

Now, if I am involved in some type of open-source software company, would I trust the Microsoft brand? I can’t imagine, after this latest incident, that any company would be inclined to work in a partnership or collaborative development effort. In addition, the consumer will question if they really want to trust Microsoft. Right now, consumers might be thinking that Microsoft is the only game in town. But, that simply is not the case. Apple has shown a brand staying power that has made some inroads into the Microsoft territory. Now with the open-source software Linux being able to run on just about every type of computer built, (including Apple hardware) and other open-source software programs that are being developed that provide a means of running Microsoft only applications on a PC machine running Linux has opened the door for many to at least try out a new software other than Windows.

So it is most apparent from everything that has happened with Microsoft, that their brand image has become tarnished. Businesses and consumers will not likely jump ship immediately, but people have a long memory. If you push the buttons hard enough and tick the world off, it is likely that people will give something else a try. Once a new brand image of a product or service is out of the box, people will remember. This will result in the building up of one brand and the diminishing of another.

Be careful on playing that legal card, your brand image could become tarnished if you haven’t carefully thought it out.

Jim the online marketer.

Developing Your Personal Brand Online

Understanding the importance of taking your personal online brand seriously.
by: Jim Warholic
Brand ImageThere are some things that are important to note in the world of online personal brands.

No matter what happens in the news, your name will likely appear in some form or another online. If you have a common name, like Joe Smith, your name will likely be linked on many websites. On the other hand, if you have a unique name, then you will likely see your name on but a few websites, but the brand image on display might not be to your liking. I am not talking about a picture of yourself, (although that may also be not to your liking). What I am talking about is the image businesses or consumers that are searching on your name, have in their minds about the person of who and what you stand for.

With the numbers of new websites being published on a daily basis for all types of groups and organizations, it is very likely that you will find your name online, and in more than one location. Think about all the different correspondences you have had over the years with things like soccer and baseball groups, local business community groups, and donations at public events that were recorded and then published online. All of these are tapped into by the search spiders. We can’t really get away from the search engine spiders, and it really isn’t the search engine industry’s fault for the information on the Web, since many of the items are simply a matter of public record. All of this is important to understand that your name has a brand image, and there are two choices that a person can make in building up their brand online by either, doing nothing, or taking a proactive approach by developing your own brand on the Internet.

How Do You Develop Your Brand Online?

Are you a small business owner? If so, you should consider having a short biography about yourself on your business website. It doesn’t need to be an in-depth bio., but it could feature a little history about your business and the background information about yourself. The real estate industry and specifically Realtors for years have understood and developed their brands. Typically it is the Realtor’s name that someone identifies as the person doing business with. Likewise, small business owners should develop not only their business brand names but could also develop their personal brand image for a better representation and brand recognition in the market place.

Another way of expanding your personal brand is to start your own domain name website. Corporate CEOs from the fortune 500, down to the smaller organizations, from all over the world are getting involved with creating their own unique brand images in personal websites. They are taking an active approach by making sure they can say the things, the way they want to say them, and not leaving everything to how reporters report it. Many times a reporter will only give snippets of quotes in an online news article, and then write a story of what he or she thinks instead of what the individual had to say. Editors then get a hold of the story and cut out additional information, then slap on a catchy title that may or may not be to a person’s liking. Corporate people can now set the record straight with and in their own websites.

Not an owner of a small business or large corporation? Then, you can still set up your own website, or online blog for free. Consider and get started today, creating the brand image that you want the world to see.

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Jim Warholic the online marketer.

Finding Your Company Online

Professional Web Services

  • Is your business adapting to the changes on the Internet?
  • Is your company doing marketing and advertising online?
  • Are you using the Internet to get your branded message out?

If the answers to any of these questions are no, then it is time to get your business up to speed online. Because I guarantee you the competition is surely using the Internet to get their marketing and advertising messages heard and seen on the Web.

Blogs are one of the key areas online these days where a company can really take advantage of the fact that millions of consumers and businesses go online everyday to do everything from reading the news online, researching and seeking out new suppliers, to buying products and or services in an ecommerce mode online.

Building a blog for your business is fundamental to having a web presence. Just having the company website is not good enough anymore. In the past, a company could simply build a website and have it found online with very little marketing effort on their part. Sure, existing customers and consumers may be able to find you online now, but that is only because they know your name or Web URL address. Now, because the Internet is expanding exponentially, not only in the market penetrations such as China, but also with the high numbers of new websites coming online daily; has created a huge influx of information that must get sorted out by the search engines.

Add to the numbers of pages is also the fact that words are the key to online communications. Imagine how many times the 10 most common words are used.

  1. the
  2. of
  3. and
  4. a
  5. to
  6. in
  7. is
  8. you
  9. that
  10. it

And, that doesn’t even begin to tell the story of having a common company name for an incorporated business. Common usages of the common keywords for common name companies are an interesting conundrum. For example, at: WORDCOUNT / Tracking the Way We Use Language, is a very informative online application for telling the usage frequency or commonness of any of 86,800 most frequently used English words in a type of “visual barometer of relevance.” If your corporate name has two or three words, simply type each name separately and the scale will show where those names rank in usage. Keep in mind that having a common name is not bad, it just means that more work is needed to establish the brand name on the Web, if the company name itself is not already a household brand. That is because the words used by searchers online are how a company is found on the Web in the first place.

Search algorithms don’t know professional web services from the company, Professional Web Services. “Professional” is/was currently ranked number 906 on the Wordcount word usage scale. “Web” is/was currently ranked number 10182 and “Services” is/was ranked number 354 on the Wordcount visual barometer scale. Now, taking additional information from Google Search we can see that a search for Professional Web Services produces a set of results that was estimated to have over 370,000,000 (370 million) pages with those three common word terms, not necessarily in that order.

How does the search algorithm know whether the searcher is looking for a book at Amazon or a professional article on “web services” software tools, or the company? It doesn’t know the mind of the searcher. Algorithms are getting better in a sense that new co-op algorithms are adapting to the searchers, effectively learning as they go. See Google Co-op for a truly user customizable search engine. While these Co-ops has the advantage for specific users, the general search algorithms are still working on adapting to the minds of the the researchers, consumers, purchasing managers, or the general online searchers.

How Does A Blog Help Your Company Online?

  • Information Sharing
  • Marketing And Advertising
  • Sales And Marketing Tool
  • Branding And Brand Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Press Releases And News Updates
  • Marketing Communications
  • Market Research, Analysis, And Advice
  • Strategic Public Relations
  • Web Casting And Podcasting Integration
  • Adapt Web 2.0 Strategies

This is not the complete list of how a blog helps your business on the web. Other reasons to promote a corporate blog on the web is the added benefit of having another media outlet that is both compartmentalized on the Net; as well as being inclusive of the Internet. Blogs have their own unique online digital search signatures. What that means is, blogs have various items that are usually associated with blogging softwares and have a unique digital footprint which is established when a blog is published. This digital footprint, in the way of a ping and RSS feeds, are broadcast over many online sources that can pick up the fact that an article was published online, where and when it was published, the main theme of the topic, title of the article, and who the publisher is. This digital signature compartmentalizes this source as a blog and can feed the information into Blog Searches online. See Google Blog Search. Additionally, as a blog is established on the Web, it can eventually be included into the general search results and thus be inclusive into the general Internet population.

Blogs provide another crucial element from an Internet marketing standpoint. The links back to your company website are crucial to the standing of your company website on the Internet landscape. Having quality links is the very foundation to ranking well in the search engine results. The Internet is about interconnectivity. One website leads to another. The issue is a type of digital trust signature. By having a link from a quality source, back to another website, then there is a means of trust established between the various sources. Not all sources are found trustworthy, but if they are found trustworthy digitally, then that will promote a website and help it rank well in the search results.

Do you want your b2b or b2c website to rank better in the search results? Well, you can change from being a small b2b or b2c company to becoming a major B2B or B2C company online. Take a look at Professional Web Services today. Trust Professional Web Services, Inc. to help accelerate your business on the Web.

Professional Web Services provides: Internet Marketing Services, Online Advertising Strategies, Professional Blogging Services Search Engine Optimization, Ethical SEO, and Web Branding Solutions. Contact us today for the Marketing Solution.

Marketing Creativity Online

Professional Web ServicesSay It isn’t so. Sorry folks. Your B2B or B2C business website is not the only website on the Internet.

How in the world do you get your marketing message out on the Internet? How can you get it into the hands of potential customers?

Well, Professional Web Services has the online answers for your business.

EyeImagine the sheer numbers of new websites that go online every day. It is quite amazing to think that 10 or 20 pages of a website are going to be found in the proverbial “Needle in the Internet Haystack.” With billions of pages online, you need more than just a graphic designer, designing your logos or fancy website to get found online. There is much more than meets the eye for Internet marketing and advertising your business Online.

You must adapt your marketing techniques with the adoption of Internet marketing techniques for your business to take advantage of the new Web 2.0.

Here are some get acquainted articles that will give just a little sampling of what life is like on the Internet. Take the time to read a few. Then send us an email for your free Internet marketing evaluation today.

Internet Marketing Industry

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Professional Web Services, Internet Marketing Services, Online Advertising Strategies, Search Engine Optimization, Ethical SEO, and Web Branding Solutions. Contact us today for the Solution.

Professional Web Service provides online marketing for businesses looking to get more search engine exposure, and more sales for the bottom line.

Setting Your Business Apart Online

Presenting Your Business On The Web

Standing out from the crowd on the Internet is one of the most important things you can do for your business. With sometimes millions, or billions of websites all competing for your keywords, there has to be something different about you that will really resonate with your customers and future customers.

It is this future customers base that your business really needs to focus on. If you provide top quality service, existing customers will return for more because your brand is good in their minds. However, with customers that do not know your name, you must be able to sell your company products or services in such a way as to not turn off potential customers. This is where your website may be the first Web contact point a potential new customer makes with your company. It is important that the website be all that it can be. How the website is presented to a new visitor can make a grand first impression, or it can also be a one second hyperlink click gone away.

Presentation comes in many different forms. Pictures can be used to add a little bit of symbolism if done with the correct approach. Writing style is important too. Cold dry writing simply will not do. Even if you are writing to the technical engineering crowd, they too get tired of the drab writing approach. Creative writing that is based on sound marketing and advertising principals must be used to engage your audience. Remember, your audience is anyone that reads your website.

So get creative today with a website design approach by Professional Web Services. Contact Professional Web Services for a fresh web site design face for your business. Need a brand new website? We can help your business there too with a customized template, branded exclusively for you.

Building the Corporate Information Web

How to create your own net information web on the Internet.

Information is at the forefront of building a company online. Without information online, (unless your company is a well known Goliath brand) a corporate website can never attain the type of search engine visitation from new customers searching on keyword specific items that other businesses and OEM manufacturers are searching for.

There are many ways into a website online. The home page can be short and sweet, but unless other pages have the keywords listed, a website will be hidden from the Internet and the search engine results pages.

Building your corporate web takes time, effort, tweaking, monitoring, evaluating, marketing, advertising, branding, and brainstorming. It takes asking the questions: What target markets is your company trying to hit? How can a business website reach these targeted markets? Many times this will involve a multi-prong approach strategy involving online advertising, print media advertising, and other types of web 2.0 (interactive) Internet marketing to make an impression. It also takes thinking like a customer. This is a very important aspect of being able to target the proper markets. Not thinking like a customer has the potential to shortchange your business online. Give your web visitors what they expect, and you will change those visitors it satisfied customers.

Sure, in an ideal world we would all like to have our corporate names at the top of the search results for every conceivable word or phrase related to our business. Any Goliath company, with enough money for online advertising, can advertise with every keyword imaginable, in order to attain large amounts of online traffic, but it will also take substance (written information) to be included in the natural search results where other companies and websites are likely to link to yours.

Learn more of what professional “web services” can do for your business.

Professional Web Services, Internet marketing services, professional customized website designs, search engine optimization, web branding, professional blogging services, and a host of other services for Business-to-business, and Business-to-consumer businesses. Remember, good Internet marketing strategies gets your business found online.

Email us today for a free Internet marketing evaluation and/or integrated professional website designs with built in content management systems.

More Sales for Your Business

Most everyone wants a powerful online market presence for their business, don’t you want it too?

Using the power of the Internet can greatly expand your business presence in both B2B and B2C industries. Developing a good Internet marketing plan and online advertising strategies can provide a wealth of new customers for your business.

Everything is related to the Internet today. Internet marketing is not just to be used by the Fortune 500 companies. In fact, the Internet can be a big equalizer for small and medium size businesses to really target select groups of individuals, consumers, businesses, or industry sectors that previously were not attainable.

By selecting and expanding your business’s keywords and using various forms of online advertising strategies, both B2B and B2C companies can realize a market impact, both for the present and in the future.

Information can stay online forever. Publishing a website, blogs, or “target specific” websites for specific areas of your company, can help develop a brand image over time. Even the advertising spent online can have a lasting impact into the hearts and minds of the consumer or other businesses being targeted.

Remember, good Internet marketing strategies are key to online marketing success.

So, if you want more sales for your business, take a look at what Professional Web Services can do for you. We offer Internet marketing services, online advertising strategies, ethical search engine optimization, and Web branding solutions that will help your bottom line.

Contact Professional Web Services today for a no obligation Internet marketing evaluation.