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  • Is your business adapting to the changes on the Internet?
  • Is your company doing marketing and advertising online?
  • Are you using the Internet to get your branded message out?

If the answers to any of these questions are no, then it is time to get your business up to speed online. Because I guarantee you the competition is surely using the Internet to get their marketing and advertising messages heard and seen on the Web.

Blogs are one of the key areas online these days where a company can really take advantage of the fact that millions of consumers and businesses go online everyday to do everything from reading the news online, researching and seeking out new suppliers, to buying products and or services in an ecommerce mode online.

Building a blog for your business is fundamental to having a web presence. Just having the company website is not good enough anymore. In the past, a company could simply build a website and have it found online with very little marketing effort on their part. Sure, existing customers and consumers may be able to find you online now, but that is only because they know your name or Web URL address. Now, because the Internet is expanding exponentially, not only in the market penetrations such as China, but also with the high numbers of new websites coming online daily; has created a huge influx of information that must get sorted out by the search engines.

Add to the numbers of pages is also the fact that words are the key to online communications. Imagine how many times the 10 most common words are used.

  1. the
  2. of
  3. and
  4. a
  5. to
  6. in
  7. is
  8. you
  9. that
  10. it

And, that doesn’t even begin to tell the story of having a common company name for an incorporated business. Common usages of the common keywords for common name companies are an interesting conundrum. For example, at: WORDCOUNT / Tracking the Way We Use Language, is a very informative online application for telling the usage frequency or commonness of any of 86,800 most frequently used English words in a type of “visual barometer of relevance.” If your corporate name has two or three words, simply type each name separately and the scale will show where those names rank in usage. Keep in mind that having a common name is not bad, it just means that more work is needed to establish the brand name on the Web, if the company name itself is not already a household brand. That is because the words used by searchers online are how a company is found on the Web in the first place.

Search algorithms don’t know professional web services from the company, Professional Web Services. “Professional” is/was currently ranked number 906 on the Wordcount word usage scale. “Web” is/was currently ranked number 10182 and “Services” is/was ranked number 354 on the Wordcount visual barometer scale. Now, taking additional information from Google Search we can see that a search for Professional Web Services produces a set of results that was estimated to have over 370,000,000 (370 million) pages with those three common word terms, not necessarily in that order.

How does the search algorithm know whether the searcher is looking for a book at Amazon or a professional article on “web services” software tools, or the company? It doesn’t know the mind of the searcher. Algorithms are getting better in a sense that new co-op algorithms are adapting to the searchers, effectively learning as they go. See Google Co-op for a truly user customizable search engine. While these Co-ops has the advantage for specific users, the general search algorithms are still working on adapting to the minds of the the researchers, consumers, purchasing managers, or the general online searchers.

How Does A Blog Help Your Company Online?

  • Information Sharing
  • Marketing And Advertising
  • Sales And Marketing Tool
  • Branding And Brand Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Press Releases And News Updates
  • Marketing Communications
  • Market Research, Analysis, And Advice
  • Strategic Public Relations
  • Web Casting And Podcasting Integration
  • Adapt Web 2.0 Strategies

This is not the complete list of how a blog helps your business on the web. Other reasons to promote a corporate blog on the web is the added benefit of having another media outlet that is both compartmentalized on the Net; as well as being inclusive of the Internet. Blogs have their own unique online digital search signatures. What that means is, blogs have various items that are usually associated with blogging softwares and have a unique digital footprint which is established when a blog is published. This digital footprint, in the way of a ping and RSS feeds, are broadcast over many online sources that can pick up the fact that an article was published online, where and when it was published, the main theme of the topic, title of the article, and who the publisher is. This digital signature compartmentalizes this source as a blog and can feed the information into Blog Searches online. See Google Blog Search. Additionally, as a blog is established on the Web, it can eventually be included into the general search results and thus be inclusive into the general Internet population.

Blogs provide another crucial element from an Internet marketing standpoint. The links back to your company website are crucial to the standing of your company website on the Internet landscape. Having quality links is the very foundation to ranking well in the search engine results. The Internet is about interconnectivity. One website leads to another. The issue is a type of digital trust signature. By having a link from a quality source, back to another website, then there is a means of trust established between the various sources. Not all sources are found trustworthy, but if they are found trustworthy digitally, then that will promote a website and help it rank well in the search results.

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Free Formmail Smart Forms For Websites, Blogs, and Email

Free Formmail Forms For Websites Are Really Cool And Powerful Online Professional Form Builder Web 2.0 Software Programs

Tired of getting spam with your email address published on a website or blog? Well, using an email form mail solution might be just the ticket for you.

FormLogix, EmailMeForm, and Wufoo are a few of the free online programs that you can build custom forms online and then publish them on any website, blog, or provide a link, url, or mail to anyone in order to collect information of all types.

Some examples of uses would include to get more information about a company, product, or service. Use a form to sign up for a newsletter. Collect information for email updates and other reminders.

With FormLogix, EmailMeForm, and Wufoo formmails, a company, person, or organization can customize their own form that will automatically respond back to the sender and collect the information in a database file for future reference by the creator of the form.

For an example of how a form can be embedded into a blog or website, take a look at the form at the bottom of the postings at According to Jim. This Web form is used on some of Professional Web Services, Inc. various Web sites in order for readers and visitors to request various forms of additional information including: Internet marketing services, SEO, Search Engine Optimization information, Website customizations, professional blog creation, online advertising campaign management, and quality link offers. Here is another example of a form embedded into a page of a cool looking website.

To embed a form in a blog posting, use the form in an Iframe output. Don’t worry if you don’t know what an iFrame is. Simply create the form and select publishing options, then copy and paste into the blog itself with the iframe option.

Forms of publishing include: URL, Iframe, Link, Javascript, and Mail.

Forms can be created from scratch using the provided online template editor and creator program. Templates are also provided in which full customization can be used to fine tune the form to a particular need.

From a standpoint of being able to communicate online, using an Internet form provides great versatility for delivering information to someone interested in what ever is being offered. Forms help eliminate a great number of spam messages that would be generated to a publisher when that publisher provides an email address on the Internet. This is an ideal Internet marketing strategy of having online forms, and can help prompt the reader into requesting the pertinent information as quickly and succinctly as possible.

Give it a try. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how well FormLogix, EmailMeForm, and Wufoo form mail works.

Professional Web Services, Inc., provides Internet marketing services for Business-to-business and Business-to-consumer companies in all types of business and consumer markets. Contact us today from our Internet information contact page. All information is private and not shared with outside sources. See our privacy policy for further information.

Great Balls of Fire Marketing Strategies B2B B2C

What do we have here?

Powerful Internet marketing forces for your B2B or B2C business.

In today’s high-tech world of Internet communications, in which information travels at light speed on the Web, a B2C or B2B business can make a huge impression online with customer centric Professional Web Services communications tools.

There are many good Internet marketing tools that a business can use to significantly help establish a brand image on the Internet. One of those items is the company’s website. The website is one of the key foundation items for marketing and advertising a business online. A professional website can also be a source for online new customer lead generation as well as a tool for sales and marketing to use on a daily basis. Investing in the integration of the corporate website into all aspects of a strategic marketing plan can pay loads of dividends in a short amount of time.

Another significant tool for businesses today is the corporate Web blog. Corporate America is starting to adopt the professional blog as much more than a personal website. Furthermore, a blog may actually be a more powerful tool then the corporate website itself. Very few of the companies on the Web understand how these blogs can be utilized as powerful customer centric communications tools. The companies that have embraced the blog as an online communications tool are jumping ahead of the competition in each of their respective fields. The longer a company has been writing and publishing information online, the more likely they are being found on the Internet for various aspects and market segments for their business.

Companies that cover a wide area of OEM support for parts and services in the way of: manufacturing, assembly, technology, engineering, and software support services, have a particularly difficult position in reaching their targeted market segments online. Technically speaking, the reasons have to do mainly with the sheer numbers of publications in the form of websites, web pages, and other published items on the Internet. Each and every website, and web page that uses your company’s keywords are in direct competition with your business. College term papers, research papers, essay papers, news media reports, and other unrelated websites are a form of competition online. Some of those web pages and web sites are more competition than others. Never the less, keyword phrases used by even the news media outlets and off topic websites can affect a company that is trying to establish themselves for a particular market segment. Hence, it really comes down to establishing a theme for a particular website. The stronger the overall theme, the greater the chance others will want to link to it for additional information. However, a company that chooses to somewhat dilute their main topics, runs the risk of what I would refer to as “out of context” content dilution and subsequently getting lost in the mounds of publicized data.

Search algorithms have to crunch huge amounts of data from each and every website on the Internet. These algorithms look at more than just the keywords in the website itself. There are hundreds of variables that search engine algorithms look at when evaluating each and every page on the Web. Taking just two of the factors that are within complete control of a company; content on the corporate website and content on the corporate blog, or I should say corporate blogs, are very significant for establishing corporate brand identity on the Web.

Why does having both a corporate website and a blog make a strategic marketing difference?

Each and every published posting can be a key source of information for your company on the Internet. New customers are more likely to find your company online by doing searches on what it is that your company builds, manufactures, or produces. Company postings are a way of expanding your market reach online.

Yes, it does take a fair amount of time to write, edit, and publish good content, online information that will ultimately result in new links to your corporate website. Once someone else finds information helpful and informative, they are much more likely to link to specific posted pages of a blog.

Feed the blog, and the blog will feed you. This has more than one meaning. Having a basic understanding of how a blog works is beneficial in this area. When a blog is published, a ping is sent out to various services online that monitor when new postings are published. This ping provides a means for special search engines to log in the information to their database. At these search engines, a blog becomes searchable or can be seen in the current results as soon as it is registered and published. Additionally, there are also RSS and ATOM feeds from a blog that people can automatically subscribe to. The new article is quickly and automatically picked up by everyone that is on the subscription list, and can be read with their online news readers. This has the convenience of providing the information directly to the end user, without the user having to check back daily to see if any new information has been published.

Blogs are ideally suited to be customer centric. This is because the blog has the feature of allowing comments or no comments (if you choose the no comments option). But, by allowing comments from users, readers, and subscribers; a corporation can gain valuable insight from those that are reading the information online. All comment feedback has the potential to being valuable from a strategic marketing and online advertising perspective. While the concerns over having comments that are off color or of a spam nature are justified, there are excellent controls for monitoring or filtering the comments before they are posted.

All of these items provide a major Internet marketing and online advertising impact for your company online.

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Denim Dusk Merger Blogger Template

Adapt Marketing

Marketing Creativity Online
According To Jim

This template can be used with the new Blogger in beta mode.

Professional blog Internet marketing for businesses in the B2B and B2C sectors.

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Create a Professional Blog for Your Business

Professional blogs, for professional people, for professional companies, are keys to online marketing success.

A blog is for your B2B or B2C business, and more importantly, a professional blog is key for your business when communicating with customers and potential customers. Blogs are simply websites that are easy to use. Forget the stigma, if you have one, about blogs just being online journals or someplace where your friend sends you to read the latest personal updates about his or her life.

No, no, no, you have the wrong idea all together. Blogs are for any business that wants to have an additional market outlet online.

I can’t begin to tell you the importance of having a professional blog for your business.

Let’s start with the most obvious though.

A professional blog is a place to write about current events for the corporation and for customers to be able to read about it online. Customers want to know what is happening with companies today. Not only that, customers become much more in tune with a corporation’s brand when they are able to read about the products or services provided in a non-formal way. New customers are much more inclined to becoming lifelong customers if they can sense the company’s ethics, or how the company treats their customers in a professional business manner. By having a professional blog, a company can share those thoughts with their readership online.

Staying up-to-date with the business is another key area for reasons for publishing a professional blog. One blog may not be enough for your company. This is especially true in light of the increased diversity of many corporations today. Simply having one corporate blog is not good enough. Each and every division should incorporated a professional blog into the strategic communications and marketing strategy. This has the benefit of being able to succinctly keep up with each particular aspect of the business. Then it is simply a matter of creating links to the other business units and tying them all together in the navigation menu.

Professional Blogs For The Intranet.

The Intranet is the internal Internet of the corporation. A good Intranet can help corporations run much more efficiently. Having an Intranet blog or in the case of many divisions, having Intranet blogs are one of the ways to help managers and employees stay in touch with one another on the various projects. Imagine the managers able to see in an instance of what the status of a project is without calling a group meeting. Talk about time savings, this could cut out those daily half hour to one hour meetings which eat up time for many of the individuals in the meetings to begin with.

Professional Internet Blog For Your B2C or B2B Business

As you can see, the blog has evolved into much more than a web log. It has taken on a life of its own. The possibilities are limitless in what it can do for your business. Talk to Professional Web Services today about setting up a professional blog for you. Get setup with a key professional web marketing and online advertising source for your company

Good Internet marketing strategies are key to online B2B and B2C marketing success.

Contact Professional Web Services. Professional Web Services, Inc. is an Internet Marketing Services, Ethical Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising Strategies, and Web Branding Solutions provider for the B2C and B2B market place.

Blogger Labels and Categories

The importance of using labels in your blog postings.

When writing your blog, it is nice to be able to segment the postings into a logical manner for future reference. Labels have now been provided in the new Google Blogger software to do just that. Now, online newsletters created using Blogger can be sorted based on these labels. Imagine being able to have a listing of real estate Homes Sales Prices posted monthly along with other information. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to view all the sales stats for all related postings? Or, how about Marketing or Internet information grouped together in one location as though it were one group of postings online.

This can be of a benefit in more ways than one. Users, readers, buyers, and visitors to a website blog can now get to and read related information quickly. This can also be used as a sales tool for the sales and marketing department. If products or services are grouped together in a logic format, then a single hyper-link can be produced in an email to send a potential customer to the information all in one place.

Additionally, postings can have more than one label. Many times a posting will have more than one subject matter. By being able to label postings with more than one label, this provides the information in various layouts to the reader, depending on what they are searching for.

Take the time to add labels to older postings. Your readers will like it. Think of labels as an online filing system. Try to think in a logical manner and create your own categories.

For more Internet marketing tips go to our online newsletters. Subscribe to newsletter via email.

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Blogging with Professional Web Services Blogs for Your Business

Improve your B2B and B2C marketing and market reach on the Internet with powerful customer centric blogging tools.

Blogging has now become more of a main stream media outlet for businesses on the Web. The blogging world is growing by leaps and bounds. The powerful, yet easy to use tools for online publishing are making it easy for just about anyone to publish online. If you know how to type a Microsoft Word document, then you can publish an article online.

With automatic RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and atom feeds being outputted from a blog, for people to plug these feeds into their online newsreaders and/or through email subscriptions, companies from the high-tech down to the manufacturing and industrial sectors are able to expand their market reach and involve their customers while doing so.

Blogs have become more popular for businesses to keep in touch with their readers, buyers, and consumers. Consumers have found them to be a key source for news and information. As companies are becoming more customer centric there has been an increase in more interactivity on the Web geared towards two way communications with customers and businesses alike.

Blogging provides powerful solutions for improved Internet marketing reach.

There are all types of examples of online B2B and B2C blogs where information is shared with readers, customers, and businesses. Take for example the founder and CEO of, Bob Parsons. Bob has his own blog found at in which he communicates with his customers and readers regularly. He uses the blog to share with his readers and viewership the various items going on with GoDaddy and the various aspects of the Internet world. Bob is not afraid to “Tell It Like It Is.” His style of communication is matter of fact, with adding a bit of humor into the mix. Take, for instance, the article: GoDaddy pulls its IPO filing! Where Bob communicates his reasoning for not taking GoDaddy public at that time.

Another example of blogging in the technology world is at News at Their blogs can be seen listed at They have created a blog for different areas of technology. Each is branded with the CNET brand.

Another aspect of some of the blogging software platforms available, is they are now more of a content management system. This makes the difference between a website and a blog relatively minor. The advantages of having a blog for your business for a sales, marketing, advertising, and branding tool are numerous indeed.

Take the next step now, with a powerful Web 2.0 blogging tool. Bring your business to life online. Learn more about how a blog for you company can make a huge online impact for your business, contact Professional Web Services today for professional blog/website designs, SEO, and Internet marketing expertise.

Claim Your Blog At Technorati

Technorati Profile
By: James A. Warholic

Technorati is an area online where you can search for various blogs, find out what is popular at the moment, check out the top blogs, and top favorite blogs and searches.

For example, below are a number of the hottest blogosphere items currently being talked about:


You can submit your blog with free registration, and also keep track of your own favorites.

With some cool search tools that can be added to your browser, a person can discover how many blogs link to any particular website or other blog.

Check them out at

Check out Professional Web Services, for Internet marketing services, ethical SEO, search engine optimization, online advertising strategies, web branding solutions. Contact us today for a free Internet marketing evaluation. Get your business website found on the Internet.

Business Marketing And Advertising Internet Empowered

Empowering Businesses With Internet Marketing, Online Advertising, And Web Branding Services Strategies and SolutionsThe Internet Is An Empowering Media Form For Customers And Businesses Alike

Take a look at how the Internet is providing a form of online customer service feedback that can both be good and bad for your business depending on the customer service you provide.

Consumer Experiences

Years ago, before the Great Expansive Web Landscape >> before the Mozilla and Internet Explorer and high-speed internet came along, a dissatisfied customer would maybe complain to management or write a letter to the President of the company about poor customer services or false advertising. Now, that has all changed. Customers that become dissatisfied are fighting back.

To be a reporter does not require going to four years at a university or getting hired by the local newspaper. No, anyone that has a beef about something is free to report it online through a free blog service. Make no mistake about this though, falsely reporting news and information can hold serious consequences for individuals online. See: Internet Ethics

With that said, people can and do document information related to businesses online all the time. In fact blogging has changed the face of how the large media giants respond to news stories. Many times the networks are slow, very slow at jumping on a breaking story and it is the blogging community that is the first to share the story online. With technology, through the form of automatic news feeds from every single blog, the story can be picked up by thousands of individuals that then turn and share more information online. Once the chronicled account is published, search engines catalog the information making it a matter of historical public record for all times sake.

Businesses, from local, national, and international companies need to be more aware of the new technology that is creating the Internet landscape Where There Is No Place To Hide

In an article written by Chuck Mckay, from his Fishing For Customers website the following is quoted:

What happens when your ads brag about your customer service, and customer dreads going on hold with your automated call center?

What happens when your customer finally understands that your “money back guarantee” is actually pro-rated for the number of weeks that she owned your product?

What happens when your angry customer makes the evening news carrying a placard which declares you to be a crook?

Where do you hide when there’s no place to hide?

From the customer service standpoint it makes sense to follow good B2B, B2C, and C2C ethical guidelines. Fraud and other different unethical activities will become exposed. It might not happen overnight but with poor customer service, fraudulent activities, advertising scams, and even copyright infringement there certainly is no place to hide online.

Empower your Business for Marketing And Advertising

Blogs are not just for individuals. In fact blogs are being used more and more for businesses everyday. I just received an email update from Google about how their AdWords blog is becoming more of a newsletter in their thinking than just some place to post thoughts and updates. Click link to read more on this perspective.

Inside AdWords

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? That, just maybe, a blog might prove to be an effective newsletter for your customers as well?

Imagine it: A place where you could easily tell your customers what’s new and interesting about your business, and where you could even show them photos of your latest collection of high fashion widgets from Paris. Perhaps you’d also like to get some useful feedback from your customers? Yep, you can do that too.

Executive Platform

This type of e-business marketing and advertising works. Customers have been sharing with me the good feedback that they are receiving from this type of executive Internet marketing and branding approach. Many times people are blocking the pictures and images that are embedded in emails, especially in an unethical age with email spam and malicious spyware viruses, but are likely to click on a link to a website to view more information. Information can be posted online for future use. Imagine being able to write a sales and marketing pitch or create an Ad for use in a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign with a link to a posting targeted to exactly what it is that your company is advertising.

The Internet is still a baby

The interconnectivity and alliances between businesses both vertically and horizontally as well as the mix of Individuals into the broad spectrum of things online will continue to create new opportunities for new businesses, market expansion of existing companies, and the opportunities for private individuals to make a difference, shake up the world, and breath a measure of fresh air to the World Wide Web.

Professional Web Services, Empowering Businesses On Line To Make A Difference With Internet Marketing, Online Advertising, And Web Branding SERVICES STRATEGIES SOLUTIONS.