Blogger Labels and Categories

The importance of using labels in your blog postings.

When writing your blog, it is nice to be able to segment the postings into a logical manner for future reference. Labels have now been provided in the new Google Blogger software to do just that. Now, online newsletters created using Blogger can be sorted based on these labels. Imagine being able to have a listing of real estate Homes Sales Prices posted monthly along with other information. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to view all the sales stats for all related postings? Or, how about Marketing or Internet information grouped together in one location as though it were one group of postings online.

This can be of a benefit in more ways than one. Users, readers, buyers, and visitors to a website blog can now get to and read related information quickly. This can also be used as a sales tool for the sales and marketing department. If products or services are grouped together in a logic format, then a single hyper-link can be produced in an email to send a potential customer to the information all in one place.

Additionally, postings can have more than one label. Many times a posting will have more than one subject matter. By being able to label postings with more than one label, this provides the information in various layouts to the reader, depending on what they are searching for.

Take the time to add labels to older postings. Your readers will like it. Think of labels as an online filing system. Try to think in a logical manner and create your own categories.

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Analytics And Google Base – Sales & Marketing Home Runs

Internet Marketing And Online Advertising Just Got Better

Google has just empowered the Mom and Pop Small Businesses to be able to compete with their Big Business Brothers with a back-to-back 2 Home Run Sales And Marketing Impact

First, Google Analytics was released for Free to anyone that would like to be able to track what is going on with their website. This is a Professional high end program originally developed for Enterprise internet sales, marketing, and advertising use. The program is able to provide the advertising tracking feedback mechanism for new Ad conversions and website use tracking.

Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site. You’ll be able to focus your marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver ROI, and improve your site to convert more visitors.

Second, Google Base was also released for Free to everyone that would like to market their products or services, OR information on the Internet. Base is an online version of quite a number of different types of concepts from: Classified Ads, Want Ads, Recipe Sharing, Newsletter Listings, Services For Hire, Items For Sale, Cars And Houses For Sale, and even the Ebay concept of allowing companies to upload their database of inventory for sale.

E Business Base Features That Stand Out For Me

  • Complete control of what is displayed
  • Pictures can be uploaded
  • Labels can be applied to the information page for it to show up in various categories of the Google Base Search results
  • Privacy can be maintained through an automatic private type of email process
  • A link to a more information page can be applied
  • Free hosting of information for those without a website

Click on this Internet marketing , advertising, and sales tools example of how the information can be hosted for free. Additionally, it is cool how the pictures will change automatically when the cursor is placed over the small thumbnail versions. There is even a slideshow option. This can be a great way of displaying a product or service to anyone searching online. To see how the results come up when doing a search see: Internet Marketing Services San Ramon Newsletter

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