Blogger Labels and Categories

The importance of using labels in your blog postings.

When writing your blog, it is nice to be able to segment the postings into a logical manner for future reference. Labels have now been provided in the new Google Blogger software to do just that. Now, online newsletters created using Blogger can be sorted based on these labels. Imagine being able to have a listing of real estate Homes Sales Prices posted monthly along with other information. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to view all the sales stats for all related postings? Or, how about Marketing or Internet information grouped together in one location as though it were one group of postings online.

This can be of a benefit in more ways than one. Users, readers, buyers, and visitors to a website blog can now get to and read related information quickly. This can also be used as a sales tool for the sales and marketing department. If products or services are grouped together in a logic format, then a single hyper-link can be produced in an email to send a potential customer to the information all in one place.

Additionally, postings can have more than one label. Many times a posting will have more than one subject matter. By being able to label postings with more than one label, this provides the information in various layouts to the reader, depending on what they are searching for.

Take the time to add labels to older postings. Your readers will like it. Think of labels as an online filing system. Try to think in a logical manner and create your own categories.

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