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  • Is your business adapting to the changes on the Internet?
  • Is your company doing marketing and advertising online?
  • Are you using the Internet to get your branded message out?

If the answers to any of these questions are no, then it is time to get your business up to speed online. Because I guarantee you the competition is surely using the Internet to get their marketing and advertising messages heard and seen on the Web.

Blogs are one of the key areas online these days where a company can really take advantage of the fact that millions of consumers and businesses go online everyday to do everything from reading the news online, researching and seeking out new suppliers, to buying products and or services in an ecommerce mode online.

Building a blog for your business is fundamental to having a web presence. Just having the company website is not good enough anymore. In the past, a company could simply build a website and have it found online with very little marketing effort on their part. Sure, existing customers and consumers may be able to find you online now, but that is only because they know your name or Web URL address. Now, because the Internet is expanding exponentially, not only in the market penetrations such as China, but also with the high numbers of new websites coming online daily; has created a huge influx of information that must get sorted out by the search engines.

Add to the numbers of pages is also the fact that words are the key to online communications. Imagine how many times the 10 most common words are used.

  1. the
  2. of
  3. and
  4. a
  5. to
  6. in
  7. is
  8. you
  9. that
  10. it

And, that doesn’t even begin to tell the story of having a common company name for an incorporated business. Common usages of the common keywords for common name companies are an interesting conundrum. For example, at: WORDCOUNT / Tracking the Way We Use Language, is a very informative online application for telling the usage frequency or commonness of any of 86,800 most frequently used English words in a type of “visual barometer of relevance.” If your corporate name has two or three words, simply type each name separately and the scale will show where those names rank in usage. Keep in mind that having a common name is not bad, it just means that more work is needed to establish the brand name on the Web, if the company name itself is not already a household brand. That is because the words used by searchers online are how a company is found on the Web in the first place.

Search algorithms don’t know professional web services from the company, Professional Web Services. “Professional” is/was currently ranked number 906 on the Wordcount word usage scale. “Web” is/was currently ranked number 10182 and “Services” is/was ranked number 354 on the Wordcount visual barometer scale. Now, taking additional information from Google Search we can see that a search for Professional Web Services produces a set of results that was estimated to have over 370,000,000 (370 million) pages with those three common word terms, not necessarily in that order.

How does the search algorithm know whether the searcher is looking for a book at Amazon or a professional article on “web services” software tools, or the company? It doesn’t know the mind of the searcher. Algorithms are getting better in a sense that new co-op algorithms are adapting to the searchers, effectively learning as they go. See Google Co-op for a truly user customizable search engine. While these Co-ops has the advantage for specific users, the general search algorithms are still working on adapting to the minds of the the researchers, consumers, purchasing managers, or the general online searchers.

How Does A Blog Help Your Company Online?

  • Information Sharing
  • Marketing And Advertising
  • Sales And Marketing Tool
  • Branding And Brand Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Press Releases And News Updates
  • Marketing Communications
  • Market Research, Analysis, And Advice
  • Strategic Public Relations
  • Web Casting And Podcasting Integration
  • Adapt Web 2.0 Strategies

This is not the complete list of how a blog helps your business on the web. Other reasons to promote a corporate blog on the web is the added benefit of having another media outlet that is both compartmentalized on the Net; as well as being inclusive of the Internet. Blogs have their own unique online digital search signatures. What that means is, blogs have various items that are usually associated with blogging softwares and have a unique digital footprint which is established when a blog is published. This digital footprint, in the way of a ping and RSS feeds, are broadcast over many online sources that can pick up the fact that an article was published online, where and when it was published, the main theme of the topic, title of the article, and who the publisher is. This digital signature compartmentalizes this source as a blog and can feed the information into Blog Searches online. See Google Blog Search. Additionally, as a blog is established on the Web, it can eventually be included into the general search results and thus be inclusive into the general Internet population.

Blogs provide another crucial element from an Internet marketing standpoint. The links back to your company website are crucial to the standing of your company website on the Internet landscape. Having quality links is the very foundation to ranking well in the search engine results. The Internet is about interconnectivity. One website leads to another. The issue is a type of digital trust signature. By having a link from a quality source, back to another website, then there is a means of trust established between the various sources. Not all sources are found trustworthy, but if they are found trustworthy digitally, then that will promote a website and help it rank well in the search results.

Do you want your b2b or b2c website to rank better in the search results? Well, you can change from being a small b2b or b2c company to becoming a major B2B or B2C company online. Take a look at Professional Web Services today. Trust Professional Web Services, Inc. to help accelerate your business on the Web.

Professional Web Services provides: Internet Marketing Services, Online Advertising Strategies, Professional Blogging Services Search Engine Optimization, Ethical SEO, and Web Branding Solutions. Contact us today for the Marketing Solution.

Marketing Creativity Online

Professional Web ServicesSay It isn’t so. Sorry folks. Your B2B or B2C business website is not the only website on the Internet.

How in the world do you get your marketing message out on the Internet? How can you get it into the hands of potential customers?

Well, Professional Web Services has the online answers for your business.

EyeImagine the sheer numbers of new websites that go online every day. It is quite amazing to think that 10 or 20 pages of a website are going to be found in the proverbial “Needle in the Internet Haystack.” With billions of pages online, you need more than just a graphic designer, designing your logos or fancy website to get found online. There is much more than meets the eye for Internet marketing and advertising your business Online.

You must adapt your marketing techniques with the adoption of Internet marketing techniques for your business to take advantage of the new Web 2.0.

Here are some get acquainted articles that will give just a little sampling of what life is like on the Internet. Take the time to read a few. Then send us an email for your free Internet marketing evaluation today.

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Professional Web Services, Internet Marketing Services, Online Advertising Strategies, Search Engine Optimization, Ethical SEO, and Web Branding Solutions. Contact us today for the Solution.

Professional Web Service provides online marketing for businesses looking to get more search engine exposure, and more sales for the bottom line.

Setting Your Business Apart Online

Presenting Your Business On The Web

Standing out from the crowd on the Internet is one of the most important things you can do for your business. With sometimes millions, or billions of websites all competing for your keywords, there has to be something different about you that will really resonate with your customers and future customers.

It is this future customers base that your business really needs to focus on. If you provide top quality service, existing customers will return for more because your brand is good in their minds. However, with customers that do not know your name, you must be able to sell your company products or services in such a way as to not turn off potential customers. This is where your website may be the first Web contact point a potential new customer makes with your company. It is important that the website be all that it can be. How the website is presented to a new visitor can make a grand first impression, or it can also be a one second hyperlink click gone away.

Presentation comes in many different forms. Pictures can be used to add a little bit of symbolism if done with the correct approach. Writing style is important too. Cold dry writing simply will not do. Even if you are writing to the technical engineering crowd, they too get tired of the drab writing approach. Creative writing that is based on sound marketing and advertising principals must be used to engage your audience. Remember, your audience is anyone that reads your website.

So get creative today with a website design approach by Professional Web Services. Contact Professional Web Services for a fresh web site design face for your business. Need a brand new website? We can help your business there too with a customized template, branded exclusively for you.

Building the Corporate Information Web

How to create your own net information web on the Internet.

Information is at the forefront of building a company online. Without information online, (unless your company is a well known Goliath brand) a corporate website can never attain the type of search engine visitation from new customers searching on keyword specific items that other businesses and OEM manufacturers are searching for.

There are many ways into a website online. The home page can be short and sweet, but unless other pages have the keywords listed, a website will be hidden from the Internet and the search engine results pages.

Building your corporate web takes time, effort, tweaking, monitoring, evaluating, marketing, advertising, branding, and brainstorming. It takes asking the questions: What target markets is your company trying to hit? How can a business website reach these targeted markets? Many times this will involve a multi-prong approach strategy involving online advertising, print media advertising, and other types of web 2.0 (interactive) Internet marketing to make an impression. It also takes thinking like a customer. This is a very important aspect of being able to target the proper markets. Not thinking like a customer has the potential to shortchange your business online. Give your web visitors what they expect, and you will change those visitors it satisfied customers.

Sure, in an ideal world we would all like to have our corporate names at the top of the search results for every conceivable word or phrase related to our business. Any Goliath company, with enough money for online advertising, can advertise with every keyword imaginable, in order to attain large amounts of online traffic, but it will also take substance (written information) to be included in the natural search results where other companies and websites are likely to link to yours.

Learn more of what professional “web services” can do for your business.

Professional Web Services, Internet marketing services, professional customized website designs, search engine optimization, web branding, professional blogging services, and a host of other services for Business-to-business, and Business-to-consumer businesses. Remember, good Internet marketing strategies gets your business found online.

Email us today for a free Internet marketing evaluation and/or integrated professional website designs with built in content management systems.

More Sales for Your Business

Most everyone wants a powerful online market presence for their business, don’t you want it too?

Using the power of the Internet can greatly expand your business presence in both B2B and B2C industries. Developing a good Internet marketing plan and online advertising strategies can provide a wealth of new customers for your business.

Everything is related to the Internet today. Internet marketing is not just to be used by the Fortune 500 companies. In fact, the Internet can be a big equalizer for small and medium size businesses to really target select groups of individuals, consumers, businesses, or industry sectors that previously were not attainable.

By selecting and expanding your business’s keywords and using various forms of online advertising strategies, both B2B and B2C companies can realize a market impact, both for the present and in the future.

Information can stay online forever. Publishing a website, blogs, or “target specific” websites for specific areas of your company, can help develop a brand image over time. Even the advertising spent online can have a lasting impact into the hearts and minds of the consumer or other businesses being targeted.

Remember, good Internet marketing strategies are key to online marketing success.

So, if you want more sales for your business, take a look at what Professional Web Services can do for you. We offer Internet marketing services, online advertising strategies, ethical search engine optimization, and Web branding solutions that will help your bottom line.

Contact Professional Web Services today for a no obligation Internet marketing evaluation.

The Most Important Question(s) on the Internet

20/20 Business Glasses
Get 20/20 Marketing Vision

Are potential new customers seeing your website online or finding your global or local business with the search engines? Are you getting sales leads and customers from the Internet? Do you want more customers now?

By: Jim Warholic

Learn how Internet marketing and online advertising with Google, Yahoo!, and Bing Search (formerly named Microsoft MSN Search) engines can drive new customers to your online doorstep and even deliver them to the inside of your store, where they can shop and buy the products or services your business provides. Take the next step with Professional Web Services today.

In the competitive business world we live in, a business must be proactive with 20/20 business vision when it comes to marketing their company online. Any business that is selling products or services to other businesses in the case of B2B, or selling to consumers in the case of B2C would not dream of going without hiring some good sales people. Many times these businesses will be paying top dollar to get the best sales person they can. But, some businesses will neglect what I would consider the most important salesman for their company, their corporate website.

Presidents And CEOs

The buck stops here, with the president and CEO of a company. I am going straight to the top on this one. These are the people that are the ultimate decision makers. They provide the guiding force and direction for a company. While a president and CEO does not have to be a marketing genius, they do have to understand the marketing basics, at a fundamental level, for the health and well being of an organization. In essence a good president and CEO knows the importance of hiring the right people for the job. They know that good marketing is key for business success.

Many of the presidents and CEOs know hiring good people is key to corporate growth, but have not really grasped the importance of the Internet search engines, Internet marketing, and online advertising. They themselves use the Internet on a regular basis for searching all sorts of things but there is a disconnect between the searches they personally do and other people searching for what their business does. Small business company owners seem to be especially guilty of this Internet shortsightedness. Simply put, they are not seeing 20/20 business vision, and sadly they don’t even recognize their poor business vision and the need for good business glasses. They have the misplaced idea that a website is just something you are forced to have in business, instead of wrapping their arms around it, promoting it, and realizing that the website is, or should be, one of their most important assets a company can have. This business mentality is not strictly limited to small businesses. Corporate America has a certain segment group that is just as guilty as their small business counterparts. They have gotten fat and happy doing business the old way and have not adapted to the changes taking place online.

Embracing Internet Marketing

More Sales For Your Business: Internet Marketing ServicesGrasping the potential the Internet has for your business is absolutely paramount to focusing a fair amount of your marketing and advertising dollars online. A salesman can not be available 24×7 but the website can operate round-the-clock, and be accessible to customers that are looking for those frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the products or services your company provides. In addition, detailed information can be available to your customers at their browsing finger tips. Information such as application notes, drawings, manuals, material properties, and type specifications can be made available to customers.

The website is so powerful that it can do most of the work of all your sales force combined. This allows your sales force more time to concentrate on closing sales and building better customer relations. The fact of the matter is the website can help support the structure of the company and provide excellent tools for the sales department to use. Simply having the information at both the customer’s and your sales department’s fingertips will make everyone’s job much easier and will result in more sales. Email’s written can then be linked back to the specific information being requested. Customers will come to rely on your company’s website as being a good source of information. This helps promote your brand and keeps the customer’s focus on you, instead of the competition.

B2B, Business-to-business customers are becoming much more demanding in what they want from a source provider. They demand the information now. If you don’t provide that information, it is just a matter of time before they go somewhere else. Maybe you have worked hard to build up customer relationships in your business. But in today’s business climate, where the weather changes quickly, and customers are likely to get blown off course quickly by the competition, it is imperative to set aside a marketing and advertising budget and focus this toward providing a solid online presence.

Forget the smoke and mirrors approach with the website design. You must have substance, and that substance involves work, time, effort, and a fair amount of financial investment. To be sure, the website is really only the starting point from an Internet marketing perspective. The website must be promoted in the form of quality link building, continued website development in the form of new content and regular site maintenance updates, along with regular detailed evaluations and analysis. With billions of pages online, not to mention the online directories with sometimes hundreds of competitors lined up and down the pages there has to be marketing focus with ongoing keyword development and targeting of new market segments to really standout online.

The businesses that standout on the Internet, and standout first online with the search engines for their specific industries’ keywords, will be in a position to capture those early sales leads and new customers.

As the owner, president, or CEO of your organization, you can do only so much yourself. Start today, set aside an Internet marketing and online advertising budget to promote your business on the Internet.

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Decisions for Your Business – Strategies for Success

Maybe your are asking the question, “Why do I need professional Internet marketing services?”

Let’s take a look and see why you need good online marketing today.

Would you like your business to show up in the major search engine results pages of Google Search, Yahoo Search, and Bing Search? If the answer is yes, then you need good Internet marketing services.

Would you like to have greater brand recognition for your business? If the answer is yes, then you need good Internet marketing services.

Would you like your business to be able to break into or expand into new market segments? If the answer is yes, then you need good Internet marketing services.

Would you like your advertising budget to be spent efficiently and have the best return on investment possible? If the answer is yes, then you need good Internet marketing services.

Would you like to see an online advertising campaign targeted to specific buyers or consumers? If the answer is yes, then you need good Internet marketing services.

Would you like to obtain more sales for your business? If the answer is yes, then you need good Internet marketing services.

Can you afford to sit by, letting the competition pass you buy on the Internet, and not have good Internet marketing services? If the answer is no, then you need good Internet marketing services. Remember, good Internet marketing strategies are keys to online marketing success.

Good Internet marketing strategies by Professional Web Services.

Set Your Business Apart From the Online Crowd

Standing out from the online crowd should be a strategic component of your marketing plan.

Your business is special. That is the first thing that must be thought about when marketing a company online. What is it about your business that makes it different from all the other B2B, Business to businesses, or B2C Business to consumers companies in the world.

Yes, you are competing at the world level. The Internet has made the world a very small place indeed. Circuit board manufactures have found that out since the turn of the century. Data for building the circuit boards can be delivered via electronic forms of communication in a matter of seconds to the other side of the world. Circuit boards can be built in China and shipped overnight to anywhere on the globe. Nothing is out of the realm of world competition except for maybe the local food providers or local service providers. But that is changing also.

Throwaway products are coming on to the market place which simply make it unaffordable or not cost effective to repair older things like VCRs and small stereos. The cost of new products has been dropping, in real dollar terms, significantly since the turn of the century. Hard disk drives have gotten cheaper and can store more information than the previous year’s model. Computers on our desktops are more powerful today than what the US Government had 50 years ago. Solid state memory devices can store over 1000 songs on a single USB flash drive. DVD players for the television market place have dropped to where a DVD player can be purchased for below 50 dollars, and that even includes a remote control unit.

Competition is not just in the same horizontal or even in what would be typically defined as a vertical market. Grocery stores for years have increased the types of products they have carried. Forget the days when you just went to a grocery store to buy food. Now you can buy everything from the superstores. Remember that 50 dollar DVD player I was talking about above? I saw one on sale for 20 dollars by using your free grocery store buying card, and that was not even a superstore.

So, this brings me back to marketing. Good marketing services must include expanding your brand market reach online. This requires more creative thinking and good Internet marketing strategies to really promote a company online.

Take a look at any movie that comes out today. One of the first things a movie studio does today is set up the movie’s website. Movie studios understand that not only is their production studio the brand, but the movie is also being branded in the hearts and minds of the consumer. Likewise, your company may very well have a great brand name recognition, but does this brand recognition lend itself to being found by new customers that might not think of your brand for a certain product or service? This is even more important for the company that does not have the type of brand recognition that some of the bigger players have in their respective fields.

What you need for your business today is greater market penetration, across all key markets that your business is associated with. That really comes down to having good Internet marketing strategies for promoting a B2C or B2B business online. Remember, good Internet marketing strategies are keys to online marketing success.

Contact Professional Web Services. Professional Web Services, Inc. is an Internet Marketing Services, Ethical Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising Strategies, and Web Branding Solutions provider for the B2C and B2B market place.

Challenges Facing Businesses

Professional Web ServicesB2C And B2B Are Both Facing Some Unique Challenges On The Internet

First and foremost, customers, whether on the side of Business-to-business or Business-to-consumer, (B2B or B2C) are getting much more search savvy. They are spending much more time on the Internet searching out everything. B2B buyers are using the Internet to track down specialty items that would have been typically researched through Thomas Register just a few short years ago. In fact, the Internet, and specifically search engines have had a very positive affect for B2B buyers, and consumers, while at the same time have had a negative affect on old type of Manufacturing Directories and Encyclopedia book sales. Many of these Directory publishers have migrated to the Internet. However, they are actually behind in their conversion because of the abundance of online information that is published on the Web. Both buyers and consumers know how to type keywords into a search engine and get a wealth of information specific to their needs.

Consumers are doing their research into big ticket items before purchases are made. They are searching for and selling items on Craigslist and eBay, and other online classified areas, to the detriment of the local newspapers. Coverage is local, national, or International in scope. The benefits for the consumer are expanding on a daily basis as new types of solutions for buying and selling items are being developed.

From the standpoint of any business, both on the B2B and B2C side of the equation, developing a strong online presence is not an option any more. Every business that wishes to expand, either vertically or horizontally will need to come up with a strategic Internet marketing and online advertising plan.

Take a look at Professional Web Services today. We offer Internet marketing services, ethical search engine optimization, online advertising strategies, and Web branding solutions. Contact Professional Web Services for a free Internet marketing evaluation today.

Web Marketing Solutions

Get busy promoting your business with smart Web marketing strategies today.

If you are not employing any type of marketing solutions for the Internet, then it is more than likely that your business is loosing market share to the competition.

One of the most important business marketing strategies that should be implemented by most companies is to incorporate a “Web marketing strategy” into the overall corporate sales, marketing, and advertising scheme. Simply put, the Internet has the potential to send business to your company with targeted online advertising and an Internet marketing strategy that incorporates many interconnected strategic marketing items that will help your company improve market share online.

One of those strategic marketing items to consider, is contract with a professional full time Internet marketing and online advertising firm that has years of experience with marketing and promoting of companies on the Web. Yes, you or an employee can try to spend years learning the ever changing SEO process, but how much sense does it make to spend the time, with the potential pitfalls along the way, and near certain possibilities of making major mistakes that could drastically affect your business online. The smart solution is to do what you do best, that is, running your business, making money for your business producing the products or developing the services you sell, and let Professional Web Services do what we do best; that is, getting businesses found online and increasing our clients’ bottom line sales results.

Internet marketing is not something that can be learned out of a text book. Certainly there are basic sales, marketing, and advertising principals that come into force when applying the strategies on the Web, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Web marketing starts from the ground up foundation and the Internet down. What I mean by that is the foundation structure of the website is most important but so are the links to your website, social media marketing, implementation of Web 2.0 applications, online videos, etc etc. Having only one or two of the key items developed is not nearly as good as having them fully integrated together for your Web brand. That is where Professional Web Services Internet marketing firm can help your business online.

Contact Professional Web Services today to understand what Internet marketing solutions can do for your bottom line sales results. Professional Web Services has full Internet marketing services, search engine optimization, Online advertising strategies, and Web branding solutions to get your business seen by your future customers. Increase your Web exposure, gain new qualified sales leads, and significantly improve sales with the 24 by 7 business marketing solution.