Cool Signature Blocks For Emails in Gmail

Get Your Business Discovered OnlineIf you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you get Firefox. As far as I am concerned, Firefox and Gmail go hand in hand.

I have had many folks ask me, how can I make a nice signature block, with a picture, and some other HTML links to be automatically added to my Gmail signature block?

First off, prior to an update feature set for Gmail (read on), Gmail provided a fairly rudimentary signature block that could be selected and customized somewhat from the settings page. However, it was limited to placing a url of the type or using the following type of plain link in the email with a name, phone number, address, or whatever you would like to say at the closure of your emails. The signature block with the plain links become automatic hyperlinks when it was added to the email, and the email was sent out. Google Gmail was updated in 2010 [this posting updated on 3/7/2011]: Gmail now provides a means to have full HTML email signature blocks for each specific email address you are using in your account, though at the moment it is one signature block to one email account. If you want to have more than one, then you can use the Firefox addon (see below) to provide more than one signature block for each email account.

If you want to add pictures, with HTML links or link text, also called anchor text, link labels, or link titles (the visible hyperlinked text) such as: Internet Marketing Services, use the signature block Mail settings feature, general tab, and scroll down to the signature setting in Gmail or install a Firefox addon. Firefox addons are simply little custom made, free programs, that are installed on top of the basic Firefox installation software package. In fact, there are thousands of addons available for download at the Mozilla Firefox website. If you don’t have Firefox, download Firefox for your PC, Apple, or Linux computer and then you can customize the Firefox application any way you like by downloading additional addons.

The addon that I have been using recently for Gmail signature blocks is called: Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures. Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures add-on allows you to customize multiple signatures and automatically add them to your Gmail emails below or above quoted text.

To install, go to the Firefox add-on page for Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures and click the “Add to Firefox” button. Once you do that, then you will have to relaunch Firefox, and the Signatures menu will appear when you go to write an email in the Gmail application. The first time you use it, you will need to customize your signature. You can have a number of different signatures, depending on what you are doing, or who your target audience is. Once the signature blocks are customized, Blank Canvas then “automatically inserts HTML signatures into your Gmail messages based on which address you are sending from. Maintain up to four signatures per address.”

I’ve created several different signatures, depending on how I feel the email should be signed off. Here are some examples of signature blocks I have created.

I call this signature block, my business S&M strategies.

Get Your Website Discovered Online 

Professional Web Services

Internet Marketing Services SEO Strategies

Find Out More Now

Jim Warholic

Professional Web Services, Inc.

My phone number in the email.

This signature block is my SEO Internet marketing services.

Get Your Website Discovered Online 

Professional Web Services

Internet Marketing Services SEO Strategies

Find Out More Now

Jim Warholic

Professional Web Services, Inc.

My phone number is in the email version.

Then this signature block is My Girl – Deal or No Deal!

Get Your Website Discovered Online 

Professional Web Services

Go To Professional Web Services

Find Out More Now

Jim Warholic

Professional Web Services, Inc.

My phone number is listed here in the emails.

So, as you can see, you can have a little fun with your email signature blocks too.

If you don’t know how to write html code, don’t fret, there are free online html editors, using a “what you see is what you get,” WYSIWYG mode, that can be easily used to create a cool looking signature block with not having to know any html coding. Simply type what you want, grab a picture from your website, insert the image using a button, and lay it out the way you want. I suggest you use an image online, published at your website, or one that you have uploaded to an image hosting service that allows “hot linking” such as Photobucket, and embed the image using the image button in the WYSIWG html editor. Once you get the layout the way you like it, then go to the code mode and copy the html code into your Blank Canvas Gmail Signature create button, and save it in the default or several other selectable signatures. Then when you write an email with your Gmail account, it will automatically be added if it is the default or you can select the other ones if you desire.

This can be a very very powerful sales and marketing tool to use for your business. Get your sales people to send signature blocks with more information about your company links. Just a suggestion, it is probably wise to not go overboard with too many links or pictures in the signature block area.

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Spice Up Your Email World With a New Theme on Gmail

With Gmail, your choices are cool and the themes are very cool.

Google came out with Gmail themes for customizing the look of your Gmail account. Check out the Official Google Gmail blog article: Spice up your inbox with colors and themes.

I use a different theme to help me keep track of the Gmail account I am on. I color code the Gmail accounts for different customer’s Gmail accounts.

Take a look at this feature and all the themes that are available. I’m sure you will find one that you will like. My wife found her favorite. And since I couldn’t make up my mind which one I liked the best, I reverted to using a classic style for one and some hip-hop styles for others.

Have a little fun. Put some creativity into your life. You never know what might spur a new creative marketing thought in the brain.

Best regards,


Creating Gmail Email Filters in Your Email

Google Gmail group adopts one of my suggestions.

I don’t claim to be the only one that has suggested the following, but I see that Google has added another Gmail menu item when creating a filter.

First off, filters are very powerful automatically executed items that can be created by users that allows the user to automatically do things to specific emails that arrive to the inbox such as: add labels, archive emails, forward emails, and other actions.

Choose action – Now, select the action you’d like to take on messages that match the criteria you specified. When a message arrives that matches the search: from:(), do the following:

  • Skip the Inbox (Archive it)
  • Mark as read
  • Star it
  • Apply the label:
  • Forward it to:
  • Delete it
  • Never send it to Spam
  • Also apply filter to 62 conversations below

Now, the specific item that was recently added was a filter that never sends it to Spam.

You might be wondering, why in the world would you never want something to go to spam. Well, part of the spam monitoring algorithms sometimes segregate certain emails from online formmails as spam. If you are forwarding a formmail to your Gmail email box, these have a habit of sometimes landing in the Spam folder because it looks like gibberish at various sections of the email and may not look exactly like a proper email from the online formmail form. Because an email address sometimes ended up in the spam section, you had to constantly check the spam box to make sure you did not receive an important email. By creating a filter from a certain email location, you can now specify that those emails will always show up in your inbox.

To create an email filter, simply click the link near the top of Gmail, “Create a filter” and follow the instructions: “Choose search criteria. Specify the criteria you’d like to use for determining what to do with a message as it arrives. Use “Test Search” to see which messages would have been filtered using these criteria.” You can specify keywords to include, keywords to exclude, subjects, from or to email addresses, and attachments as the starting criteria for the next step. The next step is doing an action. Skip the Inbox (Archive it), Mark as read, Star it, Apply the label:, Forward it to:, Delete it, Never send it to Spam, and Also apply filter to (number of) conversations below.

For example, if you receive emails from family members or even a specific family member such as a brother or sister, and would like to apply the label “Jim” to emails from Jim automatically, use the from: Jim’s email address, and automatically apply the label “Jim” to new emails that arrive, and also apply the label “Jim” to past emails from Jim too. Now, when an email arrives from Jim, you will see the label “Jim” added also. Note: This however, is only half the filter I really want. If I also want to automatically apply the label “Jim” when I write an email to Jim, I need to create a second filter that applies the label “Jim” when I send an email to Jim’s email address. Now, when you click on the label “Jim” you will see all emails to and from Jim for quick reference. Additionally you can even color code your labels by clicking the little square box right next to the label area on the side and add a specific color to various labels for quick reference. By-the-way, you can automatically execute more than one filter item and provide multiple labels to any email.

Another way of using filters, is with your cell phone number, text messaging, and or pager notification. You can automatically have an alert send a message to your cell phone when a certain email arrives from a specific location. This in essence forwards the email to your cell phone text messaging area. Note: All cell phones and pagers have their own email addresses that are specific to the cell phone or pager number. See Gmail Cell Phone and Pager Notification for more information on this process. Try this feature out. It’s pretty cool.

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Gmail Cell Phone And Pager Notification

Check out the cool features in Gmail.

Are you expecting an important email from someone? Would you like to get immediate notification of an email even when you are not at your computer?

Well, with Gmail you can get an alert sent to your pager or cell phone free of charge, even if you don’t have a text pager.

Believe it or not, your pager and cell phone have their own email addresses. That’s right, most pagers and phones have a unique email address specific to the phone number and the hosting provider. What that means is that you or anyone can trigger a page or a cell phone text message from any email system in the world.

So, back to the Gmail solution for notification. You can set all your emails to notify you when any email arrives or create a filter for specific emails from specific individuals, subjects, having certain words, or not having certain words in the text, to automatically forward the message onto the email of the pager or cell phone. If you only have a number pager (as opposed to text pager), the text will not come through, but you will know it is a page from your email system. There will be some sort of code specific to the email displayed on the pager itself. If you have a cell phone, most cell phones provide at least a truncated messaging receiving system. You will most likely be able to read the subject line and maybe a little of the body text.

With this in mind, you can really keep tabs on your business when away from the office. Also, many voice mail systems are now being set up to provide not only voice mail over the phone but also provide access via the Web. By sending your messages to a specific or dedicated free email box you can save your voice mail messages forever as MP3 files plus get free notification of new voice mail messages.

SMS Cell Phone And Pager Email List

3 River Wireless

ACS Wireless

Advantage Communications

Airtouch Pagers

Airtouch Pagers

Airtouch Pagers

Airtouch Pagers



Alltel PCS

Ameritech Paging

Ameritech Paging

Ameritech Clearpath

Andhra Pradesh Airtel

Arch Pagers (PageNet)

Arch Pagers (PageNet)

Arch Pagers (PageNet)


AT&T; Pocketnet PCS


BeeLine GSM

Bell Atlantic

Bell Canada

Bell Canada

Bell Mobility (Canada)

Bell Mobility

Bell South (Blackberry)

Bell South

Bell South

Bell South

Bell South

Bell South Mobility

Blue Sky Frog

Bluegrass Cellular


BPL mobile

Cable & wireless, Panama

Carolina Mobile Communications

Cellular One East Coast

Cellular One South West

Cellular One PCS

Cellular One

Cellular One

Cellular One

Cellular One

Cellular One

Cellular One

Cellular One West

Cellular South

Central Vermont Communications


Chennai RPG Cellular

Chennai Skycell / Airtel

Cincinnati Bell


Cingular Wireless

Cingular Wireless

Cingular Wireless



Communication Specialists

Communication Specialist Companies


Cook Paging

Corr Wireless Communications

Delhi Aritel

Delhi Hutch

Digi-Page / Page Kansas

Dobson Cellular Systems

Dobson-Alex Wireless / Dobson-Cellular One

DT T-Mobile

Dutchtone / Orange-NL

Edge Wireless




Galaxy Corporation

GCS Paging

Goa BPLMobil

Golden Telecom

GrayLink / Porta-Phone




Gujarat Celforce

Houston Cellular

Idea Cellular

Infopage Systems

Inland Cellular Telephone

The Indiana Paging Co

JSM Tele-Page

Kerala Escotel

Kolkata Airtel


Lauttamus Communication


Maharashtra BPL Mobile

Maharashtra Idea Cellular

Manitoba Telecom Systems

MCI Phone





Metrocall 2-way

Metro PCS

Metro PCS


Midwest Wireless


Mobilecom PA




Mobility Bermuda

Mobistar Belgium

Mobitel Tanzania

Mobtel Srbija

Morris Wireless



Mumbai BPL Mobile

Mumbai Orange






NPI Wireless



O2 (M-mail)



One Connect Austria


Optus Mobile


Orange Mumbai

Orange – NL / Dutchtone


P&T; Luxembourg

Pacific Bell


PageMart Advanced /2way

PageMart Canada

PageNet Canada

PageOne NorthWest


Personal Communication (number in subject line)

Pioneer / Enid Cellular


Pondicherry BPL Mobile


Price Communications




Public Service Cellular



RAM Page

Rogers AT&T; Wireless

Rogers Canada


Satelindo GSM


SBC Ameritech Paging


SFR France

Skytel Pagers

Skytel Pagers

Simple Freedom

Smart Telecom

Southern LINC

Southwestern Bell


Sprint PCS

ST Paging



Sunrise Mobile

Sunrise Mobile

Surewest Communicaitons




T-Mobile Austria

T-Mobile Germany

T-Mobile UK

Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile

Tele2 Latvia

Telefonica Movistar



Telia Denmark




TSR Wireless

TSR Wireless




US Cellular

US Cellular

US West

Uttar Pradesh Escotel

Verizon Pagers

Verizon PCS

Verizon PCS


Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile

Vodafone Italy

Vodafone Japan

Vodafone Japan

Vodafone Japan

Vodafone Spain

Vodafone UK

VoiceStream / T-Mobile

WebLink Wiereless

WebLink Wiereless

West Central Wireless

Western Wireless

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A Great Addition of Features to Gmail

Google has recently added a few new features that make your Gmail box even easier and more powerful to use. Review the Gmail Tips.

Global actions can be taken across a whole select set of emails with a few simple clicks of the mouse. See: How do I apply an action to all messages in a label?

With this addition to Gmail, Google has made it much easier to manage a large number of emails and perform a global action item. There are numerous other new features that I personally use, but one feature that is really cool for me is the ability to allow Gmail to handle multiple email accounts from just one account. In fact, Gmail can send an email as though it is from one of your other email accounts. If your like me, I suspect most people have at least a couple of email addresses. These other accounts could be forwarded to the Gmail account or kept separate. By customizing the settings in Gmail a person could send an email, using Gmail, from their other email account. See: How do I customize the ‘From:’ address on outgoing mail?

The advantage of being able to do this is that many times you might not want to use your personal Gmail email address for sending a inquiry notice or wish to keep your email private to just a select few individuals. This allows you to use your other account directly without having to log off and log in at the other one.

Check out some of the other cool features.

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Google Gmail Update Report

I know this is going to sound cliche but I am not sure what I would do with out the Gmail Service.

I would venture to say that my usage is at the Internet power level mode. Not that Google has the power level mode but I use it for most of my day-to-day email solutions.

The reality of being able to go on any computer without having to lug a laptop around and check and respond to emails along with being able to have all the information at my finger-tips, makes this online application a truly remarkable achievement.

Gmail Power Level Mode

With the massive amount of daily research being conducted automatically online from Google News Alerts the ideal situation is to use a Gmail account for saving, searching, grouping, reading, and documenting the findings. I am one of those users that does conduct ongoing Internet research into a vast amount of different subjects. By subscribing to the news alerts one can quickly scan the subject lines or click open the alert and review the latest up-to-date findings. Once the email comes into the inbox it can be archived or remain in the inbox. A star can be placed for important emails. The emails can be grouped by labels and filters. A label is essentially a name assigned to a group of emails. Multiple labels can be linked to any email. Filters are customizable and are a type of automatic action that can take place when an email arrives.

Some other Internet power level features are the ability to have multiple email accounts forwarded into one Gmail account. Plus, the Gmail account can be set up to send as though it were coming from the associated account. This can be extremely helpful when trying to keep track of multiple email accounts without having to log in to each one. If an email arrives from one of the associates, a reply can be sent as though it were the main account.

Internet SearchIf you would like to try out the Gmail account ask for an invitation. Visit our website at Fridays and send us a Gmail Email request invitation. We would be more than happy to send you an invite.

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Dbase Email Solutions for Your Business

Building Your Business Into A Bright Internet Star

Imagine being able to build a virtual database of thousands of articles, newsletters, and websites automatically catalog, search, and group them for future reference information.

This is just one of the many featured uses of using the Gmail Email Service.

Personal Extranet Intranet Research Assistant

Using the email news and web alert service and linking it to the Gmail service makes this the next generation tandem dynamo. Setting up the alerts is a piece of cake. Just go to the Google News™ news service and select what information you are searching for. Then at the bottom of the page click the email alert link and it will automatically create an alert that can be generated whenever it happens, daily, or weekly.

Now, whenever I need to do research I utilize my online database personal research assistant and search for related information. The information can be stored forever and can be accessed on any Internet connection. This can be a truly great sales and marketing tool for your industry or business.

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Email Briefing

Free Gmail Email Account

Since February 4, 2005 I have had a Gmail Email account.

I must say I have been very impressed with all of the email features. The free service is extremly versatile and powerful in how it can be utilized for business as well as personal use.

To sign-up for an account use to require being invited by someone, but is now simply a web click away for everyone. Gmail

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Gmail E-mail Thoughts

Gmail Thoughts…

My Gmail Office Assistant

My opinion about the new Gmail without even trying it is it will be a great office assistant. For all those out there that are worried about the privacy issue, does anyone really believe that some sort of sampling of email is not going on at all of the big providers of email. Think about it… With all the security issues at stake in our country, our phones are probably monitored as well, and even the faxes that come through. If anyone wants to truly be private on their email then they would need to encrypt it.

Google is not holding a gun to anyone’s head and saying they have to use it. If you do not want to use it, don’t. I personally believe that the privacy issues will die down as people really start thinking about this. The only ones that really need to worry about this are Yahoo and Microsoft. Both of these companies do things 180 degrees different than Google. Google has shown over the years that they have provided great service at no cost what so ever to the searcher. Gmail service is going to be a great Win win win situation for all.

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