Creating Gmail Email Filters in Your Email

Google Gmail group adopts one of my suggestions.

I don’t claim to be the only one that has suggested the following, but I see that Google has added another Gmail menu item when creating a filter.

First off, filters are very powerful automatically executed items that can be created by users that allows the user to automatically do things to specific emails that arrive to the inbox such as: add labels, archive emails, forward emails, and other actions.

Choose action – Now, select the action you’d like to take on messages that match the criteria you specified. When a message arrives that matches the search: from:(), do the following:

  • Skip the Inbox (Archive it)
  • Mark as read
  • Star it
  • Apply the label:
  • Forward it to:
  • Delete it
  • Never send it to Spam
  • Also apply filter to 62 conversations below

Now, the specific item that was recently added was a filter that never sends it to Spam.

You might be wondering, why in the world would you never want something to go to spam. Well, part of the spam monitoring algorithms sometimes segregate certain emails from online formmails as spam. If you are forwarding a formmail to your Gmail email box, these have a habit of sometimes landing in the Spam folder because it looks like gibberish at various sections of the email and may not look exactly like a proper email from the online formmail form. Because an email address sometimes ended up in the spam section, you had to constantly check the spam box to make sure you did not receive an important email. By creating a filter from a certain email location, you can now specify that those emails will always show up in your inbox.

To create an email filter, simply click the link near the top of Gmail, “Create a filter” and follow the instructions: “Choose search criteria. Specify the criteria you’d like to use for determining what to do with a message as it arrives. Use “Test Search” to see which messages would have been filtered using these criteria.” You can specify keywords to include, keywords to exclude, subjects, from or to email addresses, and attachments as the starting criteria for the next step. The next step is doing an action. Skip the Inbox (Archive it), Mark as read, Star it, Apply the label:, Forward it to:, Delete it, Never send it to Spam, and Also apply filter to (number of) conversations below.

For example, if you receive emails from family members or even a specific family member such as a brother or sister, and would like to apply the label “Jim” to emails from Jim automatically, use the from: Jim’s email address, and automatically apply the label “Jim” to new emails that arrive, and also apply the label “Jim” to past emails from Jim too. Now, when an email arrives from Jim, you will see the label “Jim” added also. Note: This however, is only half the filter I really want. If I also want to automatically apply the label “Jim” when I write an email to Jim, I need to create a second filter that applies the label “Jim” when I send an email to Jim’s email address. Now, when you click on the label “Jim” you will see all emails to and from Jim for quick reference. Additionally you can even color code your labels by clicking the little square box right next to the label area on the side and add a specific color to various labels for quick reference. By-the-way, you can automatically execute more than one filter item and provide multiple labels to any email.

Another way of using filters, is with your cell phone number, text messaging, and or pager notification. You can automatically have an alert send a message to your cell phone when a certain email arrives from a specific location. This in essence forwards the email to your cell phone text messaging area. Note: All cell phones and pagers have their own email addresses that are specific to the cell phone or pager number. See Gmail Cell Phone and Pager Notification for more information on this process. Try this feature out. It’s pretty cool.

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