Google Gmail Update Report

I know this is going to sound cliche but I am not sure what I would do with out the Gmail Service.

I would venture to say that my usage is at the Internet power level mode. Not that Google has the power level mode but I use it for most of my day-to-day email solutions.

The reality of being able to go on any computer without having to lug a laptop around and check and respond to emails along with being able to have all the information at my finger-tips, makes this online application a truly remarkable achievement.

Gmail Power Level Mode

With the massive amount of daily research being conducted automatically online from Google News Alerts the ideal situation is to use a Gmail account for saving, searching, grouping, reading, and documenting the findings. I am one of those users that does conduct ongoing Internet research into a vast amount of different subjects. By subscribing to the news alerts one can quickly scan the subject lines or click open the alert and review the latest up-to-date findings. Once the email comes into the inbox it can be archived or remain in the inbox. A star can be placed for important emails. The emails can be grouped by labels and filters. A label is essentially a name assigned to a group of emails. Multiple labels can be linked to any email. Filters are customizable and are a type of automatic action that can take place when an email arrives.

Some other Internet power level features are the ability to have multiple email accounts forwarded into one Gmail account. Plus, the Gmail account can be set up to send as though it were coming from the associated account. This can be extremely helpful when trying to keep track of multiple email accounts without having to log in to each one. If an email arrives from one of the associates, a reply can be sent as though it were the main account.

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