A Great Addition of Features to Gmail

Google has recently added a few new features that make your Gmail box even easier and more powerful to use. Review the Gmail Tips.

Global actions can be taken across a whole select set of emails with a few simple clicks of the mouse. See: How do I apply an action to all messages in a label?

With this addition to Gmail, Google has made it much easier to manage a large number of emails and perform a global action item. There are numerous other new features that I personally use, but one feature that is really cool for me is the ability to allow Gmail to handle multiple email accounts from just one account. In fact, Gmail can send an email as though it is from one of your other email accounts. If your like me, I suspect most people have at least a couple of email addresses. These other accounts could be forwarded to the Gmail account or kept separate. By customizing the settings in Gmail a person could send an email, using Gmail, from their other email account. See: How do I customize the ‘From:’ address on outgoing mail?

The advantage of being able to do this is that many times you might not want to use your personal Gmail email address for sending a inquiry notice or wish to keep your email private to just a select few individuals. This allows you to use your other account directly without having to log off and log in at the other one.

Check out some of the other cool features.

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