Developing Your Company Brand

Company brand development occurs in more ways than one.
by: Jim Warholic

How does good customer service develop your B2B or B2C brand?

In an article by: Chuck McKay, What do your employees need to know before they deal with customers? Chuck’s article, Ten Steps To Great Customer Service, is an interesting look at the inside workings of a company and how they interact with customers.

While Chuck goes over the aspects of how employees respond to a customer, there is another aspect of this important article that needs to be addressed. Good customer service develops a brand.

GoDaddy and Dell Computer are two companies that really come to mind in which good, (actually great) customer service comes to mind first and foremost about their brands. is the leading domain registrar website portal where domains can be purchased for a very reasonable price along with a host of other online services. But this does not really tell the story of the GoDaddy brand. The strength of GoDaddy is not their great prices but the fact that a customer or potential customer can call up GoDaddy 24×7 and communicate with a real live person for purchases, questions, or help is a testament to how strong their brand really is. This is really what makes their brand strong.

Dell Computer is another company that has built a reputation of great customer service. Many customers of Dell’s computers are buying third and fourth generation of computers for personal use and their businesses. Dell has really stood behind their products and extended great customer service. Even in the latest explosive situation with a major recall of Dell laptops for batteries, supplied by Sony, that get too hot and catch on fire, Dell is going to come out of this as a stronger company. It has come to light that other laptop manufactures have also used batteries from Sony in which these other computer notebook manufacturers may be facing the same situation. But, even this recall is really not at the heart of the branding matters. Imagine the financial pressures that a company faces with the largest computer recall in history. This is going to have a short term hit on the company but in the long run customers are going to know that Dell is going to stand behind their products. Businesses and consumers will ultimately stand behind the Dell brand because Dell does the right thing. Yes, doing the right thing is the key. Even the stock market took notice of this. On the day Dell announced the recall the stock went up.

Many B2B and B2C companies talk about good customer service but very few actually live it. Typically management loses sight of the company’s foundation. The ethics involved in the company itself becomes glossed over by exuberant business factors both from inside the company and controlling forces from the outside. Many companies have in place an orientation for new employees, but managers and even owners themselves forget the “ten steps to great customer service.”

While your company may not be as large as Dell or GoDaddy, the lessons we can learn from these two companies are enormous. Customer service is really the driving force of a brand for companies that deal with consumers and businesses. Certainly good products are the starting point of a brand, but it is the customer service that makes a brand strong.

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