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Gmail Thoughts…

My Gmail Office Assistant

My opinion about the new Gmail without even trying it is it will be a great office assistant. For all those out there that are worried about the privacy issue, does anyone really believe that some sort of sampling of email is not going on at all of the big providers of email. Think about it… With all the security issues at stake in our country, our phones are probably monitored as well, and even the faxes that come through. If anyone wants to truly be private on their email then they would need to encrypt it.

Google is not holding a gun to anyone’s head and saying they have to use it. If you do not want to use it, don’t. I personally believe that the privacy issues will die down as people really start thinking about this. The only ones that really need to worry about this are Yahoo and Microsoft. Both of these companies do things 180 degrees different than Google. Google has shown over the years that they have provided great service at no cost what so ever to the searcher. Gmail service is going to be a great Win win win situation for all.

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