Online Advertising For Today is a Good Marketing Strategy

Creative AdvertisingGood advertising is a natural extension of marketing.

Marketing and advertising go hand in hand. Doing one without taking into account the other is like eating a steak without a good baked potato. Edgar Watson Howe, an American novelist and a newspaper and magazine editor in the late 19th and early 20th centuries put it this way, “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.”

When the internet was in its infancy, with only a few million pages of information, getting your message in front of the right audience was much easier, as compared to today. Why the difference? The bottom line is that it mainly has to do with the billions of new webpages online today. In fact, the number of websites going online is very difficult to calculate at any given moment. But, at the midpoint of 2007, the total base of domain name registrations worldwide was 138 million across all of the Top Level Domain Names. This represents a 31 percent increase over the same quarter last year. (VeriSign) Every country has its own top level domains, with over 840 domain name registrars worldwide. Keep in mind, that while the number of Domain Names for all Top Level Domains are able to be counted, this does not accurately reflect the true nature of the actual number of websites online today. With subdomain names being considered as separate websites, the true number of websites online is substantially greater. Many Second Level Domain names have thousands if not millions of subdomains, each having hundreds or thousands of webpages. Take for example, The .com represents the top level domain name, and Blogger represents the second-level domain (SLD) names, and the www and all others represent third or higher level domain names and are also known as subdomains. Here are two other examples of subdomains on top of second-level domains. See and both of which are separate websites.

How Are Search Engines a Marketing Force Factor?

So, it really comes back to understanding search engines and how they will display the results for any particular search query. Imagine how many times your particular keywords of your business are used throughout all of the webpages online. Google gives an estimate as to the actual number of pages that have a particular keyword or keywords within the webpages themselves.

As you can see, to display any business online, within the natural search results takes quite a bit of webpage and website optimization to develop the keywords within the site, and the time and Web patience in developing quality links back to the pages of a website. Quality links back to webpages effectively provide a type of authority vote online that the page represents what it is talking about. During this period of time when the website is being optimized for its keywords, there is another way of quickly getting a business found online. This is through online advertising models.

Online advertising for today represents a viable solution to bringing in new customers and leads through the internet. Advertising online also is a great tool for testing and evaluating additional horizontal or vertical markets for any business today. Advertising campaigns can probe the market places quickly and help determine if there really is an additional horizontal or vertical market or markets in which to concentrate your company’s Internet marketing dollars and other forms of marketing efforts upon.

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Marketing Home Runs With Custom Domain Names

Marketing On The Internet Has Taken Off In Amazing Ways.

This article has multiple thumbs up Internet marketing solutions. Google, Blogger, Open Source Web Sites, Website Designers, Marketing, Advertising, and Sales, for your business solution.

Website designs, blog designs, website marketing, and blog marketing are making headlines these days. Why do I mention websites and blogs in the same sentence? The reason is because of the power that is in both. Just sit back for a moment and bear with me on my little story.

Both of the following statements are true. There is no difference between a blog and a website. There are major differences between blogs and websites. In fact, we have a convergence going on online today between website marketing and blog marketing. Management at the highest level needs to throw out their misconceptions for understanding about blogs vs websites. Blogs are powerful websites. Blogs may be one of the most simple and most powerful B2B and B2C website solutions on the Internet today. With RSS feeds and world wide subscriber-ships, a business can stay in contact with their customer base.

Well, Google came out with a cool new powerful marketing and branding solution for any B2C or B2B business or C2C person on the planet. Free of charge blogging services have been around since the early days of blogs, using the Blogger driven software engine by Google. Google has provided anyone the ability to create good website addresses and then if they want point it to another domain file name with FTP publishing. Now there is an additional power feature that was launched this year by Google. Bring your own domain name (BYOD) to your free online blog and Google software will host your blog for free with all the links and published articles functioning as though they were published from day one as your own website without the domain suffix. See Blogger Custom Domains

Here is an example. I created a free blog website by the name of I then published several articles on this site. I had a parked domain name by the name of and decided to turn it on. So, following Google’s instructions for custom domain name publishing, I pointed my GoDaddy registered domain name to Google Hosting Services. Then I went into the blog control panel and turned on Custom Domain name and set it to Low and behold, when this was finished, now is displayed instead of If someone tries to go to they were redirected to Try it. Click on the links. By the way, as of (4/19/2011) I now have Mondays Website as a place holder for feeling down with the blues. And then you can take a look at:

I am testing a few other items related to subdomains. More to come in the future.

I would suggest you try the service out with one of your parked domains. If your business is like most businesses, that have extra domain names, with variations of a business name or even using the .net, .org, .info, .us, or others to test the service out. Domain names are so inexpensive today that it is wise to sign up for another domain name related to what your business does instead of only concentrating on the company name.

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Jim Warholic, President of Professional Web Services, Inc.

Google Teams Up With GoDaddy Domain Names

Great News For Small Businesses

If you are willing to take the time to start building a website by yourself for your small business, Google has a feature called Google Apps for Your Domain Name. Google announced Friday the additional service of anyone being able to register a domain name directly through Google.

For 10 dollars annually, a person can register a domain name privately and start using Google Apps for Your Domain Name. The Google Apps for Your Domain Name includes the features such as a custom start page, web page design, or using the Gmail application with your own domain name.

You can pick any combination of Gmail, instant messaging, Google Calendar, web page design and hosting tools, and the start page. For example, maybe you just want email. Or if you’re happy with your existing mail solution, you can select only calendar and instant messaging tools. Or maybe you want it all — it’s up to you.

Prior to Google partnering with several domain name registrars and offering private registration for your own domain name, it was BYOD, Bring Your Own Domain name and setting up the proper DNS settings for email and hosting at the domain control panel of whatever hosting provider a person was using. Google still provides the DNS information necessary if someone already has a domain name registered with another provider and wants to use the free Google Apps for Your Domain Name, but now it is easier than ever before for someone to register a domain name through Google and be online immediately or just using the free custom email services, free calendars, instant messaging, with free multiuser accounts.

It is important to understand that the free yet extremely powerful service provided by Google is great for email, calendar, online voice or instant messages with others in the corporation and assigned users, and other internal web apps. However, the Google Page Creator is rather simple in its approach to website design. An example of Google Page Creator can be seen at Creating A Web On The Internet. That isn’t to say that the website is not professional, it just means that the provided templates are somewhat of a standard simple format with the abilities to change some of the colors and backgrounds. This can be great for a small start-up business that does not have the funds to invest into website development and would like to get started online ASAP.

Google Page Creator We believe that creating and publishing simple web pages should be quick, easy and free. Google Page Creator lets you choose from a host of templates and customize them with your organization’s content and images, all within a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get online interface. When you’re happy with how things look, publish your pages to the web with a single click.

Google is coming out next year with a premium version of Google Apps for Your Domain Name. I am not sure at this time what additional features will be included in that service nor has the price been announced. A representative from Google, in a recent webcast did mention that the pricing for the premium version of Google Apps for Your Domain Name would be competitive with other hosting services.

Here is one feature that I would like to see. Google recently updated their blogging service to the New Blogger service. The New Blogger service has some pretty cool features in and of itself for building professional blogs. It would really be cool if the Google Aps for Your Domain Name could include the features found in the New Blogger. It would also be nice if several blogs could be built or used off the main domain name as a file name or as a subdomain to the URL. Right now, as far as I can see, there is no way to have hosting by Google Apps for Your Domain Name and also have a blog under your domain name. Maybe this will be one of the features in the premium service for Google Apps for Your Domain Name.

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