Marketing Home Runs With Custom Domain Names

Marketing On The Internet Has Taken Off In Amazing Ways.

This article has multiple thumbs up Internet marketing solutions. Google, Blogger, Open Source Web Sites, Website Designers, Marketing, Advertising, and Sales, for your business solution.

Website designs, blog designs, website marketing, and blog marketing are making headlines these days. Why do I mention websites and blogs in the same sentence? The reason is because of the power that is in both. Just sit back for a moment and bear with me on my little story.

Both of the following statements are true. There is no difference between a blog and a website. There are major differences between blogs and websites. In fact, we have a convergence going on online today between website marketing and blog marketing. Management at the highest level needs to throw out their misconceptions for understanding about blogs vs websites. Blogs are powerful websites. Blogs may be one of the most simple and most powerful B2B and B2C website solutions on the Internet today. With RSS feeds and world wide subscriber-ships, a business can stay in contact with their customer base.

Well, Google came out with a cool new powerful marketing and branding solution for any B2C or B2B business or C2C person on the planet. Free of charge blogging services have been around since the early days of blogs, using the Blogger driven software engine by Google. Google has provided anyone the ability to create good website addresses and then if they want point it to another domain file name with FTP publishing. Now there is an additional power feature that was launched this year by Google. Bring your own domain name (BYOD) to your free online blog and Google software will host your blog for free with all the links and published articles functioning as though they were published from day one as your own website without the domain suffix. See Blogger Custom Domains

Here is an example. I created a free blog website by the name of I then published several articles on this site. I had a parked domain name by the name of and decided to turn it on. So, following Google’s instructions for custom domain name publishing, I pointed my GoDaddy registered domain name to Google Hosting Services. Then I went into the blog control panel and turned on Custom Domain name and set it to Low and behold, when this was finished, now is displayed instead of If someone tries to go to they were redirected to Try it. Click on the links. By the way, as of (4/19/2011) I now have Mondays Website as a place holder for feeling down with the blues. And then you can take a look at:

I am testing a few other items related to subdomains. More to come in the future.

I would suggest you try the service out with one of your parked domains. If your business is like most businesses, that have extra domain names, with variations of a business name or even using the .net, .org, .info, .us, or others to test the service out. Domain names are so inexpensive today that it is wise to sign up for another domain name related to what your business does instead of only concentrating on the company name.

Get started today. Need help along the way? Professional Web Services can provide you with professional Internet marketing services and Blog marketing services. Contact us for a free Internet marketing evaluation.

Jim Warholic, President of Professional Web Services, Inc.

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