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Is your online marketing and business website sales oriented?

With much online talk about having information for the search engines to find, and information from a marketing and advertising standpoint, many times the overlooked area for Internet marketing are the call to action items or lack thereof.

Information is certainly one of the prerequisites for any website to have today. But, it is important to consider that while a web page can be an information provider, it should also have a call to sales oriented action item.

Call to action items as the name implies requires something for the reader to do. For example, having a web page and not giving a link to provide more information is leaving your reader hanging. If a visitor reads a page and finds it interesting, then provide a call to action that is creative, engaging, and highlights the topic at hand. Simply saying contact us is not the best way to do it. Having a hyper link to a contact page is good, but an even better solution is to engage the reader to interact with the page topic itself. If you are talking about your product or service then provide a colorful means of enticement to click a link. Consider using the words of the product or service in the call to action item.

If you are offering a free consultation then hyperlink the words free consultation.

With billions of web pages on the Internet, a business needs to get a little more creative in their marketing approach to Internet marketing. Engineers, buyers, and consumers are tired of the same approach. Give them something different, something that is of perceived value, and the contact conversions will occur much more frequently.

This also factors into another topic of online advertising. Online advertising in the form of Pay-per-click (PPC) and Pay-per-thousand views (PPM) are two of the more common types today. Each of these forms of advertising require some form of landing pages. Even banner ads, when clicked on take a web surfer to a landing page. If your landing pages are not sales oriented, it is likely that your business will not have very good sales conversions. Each click of the mouse is a step in a potential customer becoming a true customer. Don’t leave them hanging on a page with them saying to themselves, “that’s nice but now what?” Don’t make them scroll to the top of the page in order to contact the sales department. This is especially true for the B2B Business to business buyer, because chances are they are ready to get more information if they clicked on your ad in the first place.

So, before you spend a ton of money on an online advertising campaign, make sure your website is properly set up with call to action items, with hyperlinks in the copy of the pages, and engaging text that is sales oriented.

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Sales and Marketing Moving Picture Shows – Web Videos

Getting found Online on the major search engines is only half the battle. Utilizing sound marketing and advertising concepts once a lead source visits your business or consumer website is the other.

Websites that only have pictures are not likely to get discovered in the search engine results for the keywords of a particular business. Most of the search engine information is in the words of a website not the graphic images. On the other hand, sites that only have text copy writing will get dry and boring over time. Incorporating these two marketing and advertising concepts when it comes to the Internet is a continual challenge.

Mitigating Factors

As broadband connectivity continues to expand on a world wide basis the Hi-Tech options for promoting various business industries on the Internet are becoming much larger and can be done relatively inexpensively.

Technology continues to merge in what can be accomplished in online advertising. Once considered the high-end for only the major technology players the likes of IBM, Motorola, or Microsoft on the Internet, incorporating videos into a website is becoming more of a cost-effective sales and marketing tool for even the smaller B2B and B2C businesses on the Web.

Making a Sale

A prospective customer finds your website by doing the keyword searches for your business. What happens next? Sometimes the best way to demonstrate what it is that your company does is to provide a video demonstration. Prospects may not be familiar with the operation of a product, software, or machinery equipment operation. Short video clips can make a huge sales impact when done in the right context. If, you do not have the bandwidth at your hosting service, Google provides free hosting for your videos. For an example of free Google Video hosting, check out Professional Web Services short clip of the Grand Opening of the TechBA center in San Jose, CA. Follow the links at the bottom of that page to find out how simple it is to upload videos to Google.

The applications for utilizing videos in websites are quite extensive. Realtors for example could do virtual tours utilizing a digital camera themselves. Then have the Webmaster upload it to the server and provide a link from the Realtor's website to the video feed. Software companies are using video feeds to train new customers and demonstrate their software programs. OEM machine equipment manufactures are using streaming video feeds to demonstrate how their machines operate. Additional feeds in other languages can also be very helpful when marketing globally to the rest of the world. Individuals can even use this on demand video technology to sell items online. Consider the small business owner, who operates a business out of their house. By using an intro page to a video as a landing page for PPC, Pay-Per-Click Advertising a small business owner can sell their products as an additional online outlet to the eBay way. A seller can even place a link on an eBay listing to demonstrate the device or product.

Once a video is stored online, the link to it can always be used in the future for any type of on demand marketing or advertising. Take email as an example. Email marketing to prospects can include a link directly to the video production. Simply describe what you are featuring and provide, either the actual link, or anchor text (text actually displayed to the reader) link in the body of the email. Sales and Marketing events captured for you by: Professional Web Services.

The saying, A picture tells a thousand words; is certainly true, but the Web videos moving picture shows can make a lasting visual impression that can improve your company sales.

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