Paid Search Engine Submission is a Waste of Time and Money

Paying for online search engine submission is a waste of your business dollars.
Search Engine Marketing Strategies
After receiving countless B2B and B2C Emails and discount sales offers of $99.95 for Search Marketing Strategies and to have your site found in the various search engines, the marketing and advertising truth needs to be told. First off, if a web site is not found in the organic search engine results pages, no amount of paying for it will help get the website listed in the leading search engines.

What is the difference between organic search results and ad generated listings?

It should be noted that the organic or natural results from the search engines are generated from an automatic search algorithm that places web pages in an order from the top on down, and are not the paid advertising listings such as pay per click ads that can be found on the right and at the very top of most of the search engines results pages. It’s important to understand the difference between paid search engine marketing and organic search Internet marketing strategies. Anyone and any business can bid to have their ad show up in the pay per click online advertising areas, and this can be an effective part for your business advertising strategy, while still optimizing your website for readership and organic search results.

Search Engine Robots Seek Out Websites

How are websites found online? Sites are found by links in other Web sites, email links, and search engine visitors. Links from other websites will provide a trail to follow for the search robots. Additionally when visitors come to a site they also leave a path. Actually, the trail follows them. For example: when a person arrives at a website, the log files keep a record of the information from where they came from. This information is followed by computer robots. As these computer BOTs scan the Internet they recognize good links and identifybroken links. The good links are then fed into the master search database. Another way in which a site is found is through a person following a link in an Email or simply typing in the URL or address into the search bar.

How to Submit Your Website to the Search Engines for Free

If a website is relatively new then submission to the leading search companies is a piece of cake. It takes no more than a couple of minutes and anyone can do it. It is a good idea to submit, but even if you do not submit the website, robot crawlers will most likely eventually get around and find your website at some point in time. Click here to submit a website to Google Search, Yahoo Search, and Microsoft Bing Search submit. Don’t be fooled into paying for something that is free, even by some of the search engines themselves.

Do not get taken in by the E-mail flimflam artists in which they promise to submit to hundreds of search engines for a price. There are only a few key players (Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft) in the world of Search Engines and the other search engines will find you anyways. What will happen, if you decide to submit to the hundreds of other engines, is you will be opening yourself up to a lot of free spam headed toward your email box.

Internet Security Privacy E Business Legal Ethical Intellectual Property Issues

Watch out also for the search engine data merging advertising scams. They promise you number one on all the major search engines for your keywords on all of their network sites. Find out the truth about these various e business legal and intellectual property issues, ethical marketing and advertising issues, & privacy and security concerns at the Search Engine Data Merging Keywords Advertising Scam.

Business Ethics and Other Important E Business Marketing Issues

If your site has been around longer and still not showing up in the search results, there could be a number of key factors involved. Everything from not addressing the keywords of your business properly in the website or in a highly competitive keyword area, not enough original content, not having the quality links back to your website, having an all graphics site (such as all Adobe Flash website), framed sites with no content to be found, OR having had mistakes, ebusiness ethical snafus, or other items which have banned the site from the results.

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