Online Marketing Time

Internet marketing time Tic – Tic – Tic : The clock is ticking. Can you hear it for your business?
By: James A. Warholic

California Time

Time is an important consideration when marketing online.

The clock is ticking and you are looking for important marketing information related to your business. After visiting various websites and scan reading the information available, you discover that you have just spent two hours on a project that could have been completed in ten minutes.

Why did it happen?

Typically, the people that manage the corporate websites have a difficult time getting to the point, or taking for-granted that the reader knows everything that is required for disseminating the presented info. In marketing a B2B or B2C company online do not assume anything. Presenting a business in only one light, or at one level, does not provide the interaction necessary for promoting a business on the Web.

But, how do you do this when time is of the essence?

Get to the marketing point. Provide the most important information first. Give the reader what they are looking for in a succinct way.

Get started with the facts.

Start with information that is most important to your visitor and tell it like it is. Concentrate on what the product or service is going to do for them. How does it save them money or make them more money? Or, how will the product or service make life better for them or their business. Forget the store front fluff at this point. There is only a short Internet marketing attention span so make sure to get to the B2B and B2C online facts.

Spotlight your company.

Time to tell a little more information about your company. Tell about the benefits and advantages and how it relates to the subject at hand.

Provide additional information links.

If a person is truly interested in what is provided on a website they will investigate and read on. So, provide the most reliable info in a logical and efficient way, by including additional helpful links, articles, or technology news related to your company.

Marketing Call To ActionCall To Action

Understand that the Internet marketing process is typically more than a one time website visit before a visitor becomes a customer. It takes time to develop a customer. A potential client or customer has to get familiar with an individual or an organization, and build up a trust relationship with a company before they are willing to commit to a long term buyer/seller relationship. At each step of the way, it is important to provide call to action items, which include end-to-end and back-to-back solutions for your potential customers; and do it in a creative way with some marketing style.

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