DMoz ODP Internet Marketing Abuses

As difficult as it is to get some Internet marketing sites listed Online in the DMoz, ODP, Open Directory Project there are many sites listed in multiple categories. In fact one website has over 230,000 listings.

Internet Marketing Abuses

Here are the top ten websites that are listed in the DMoz.
Internet statistics provided by:


The list goes on further, with over 9000 websites having at least 20 multiple listings and most having more.

Search Engine Optimization Skew

I wonder, does this creating multiple listings have any affect on the search engine optimization of a particular website? If I had to lay a bet down, I would say it does.

How does this news sit with you? Are you working hard to add original content to your website and then see thousands of listings for the same website in the ODP and your B2B Or B2C eBusiness is still not listed?

I am sure there probably are solid reasons to have all the different listings, with different users having website accounts within a particular domain name, or having unique content related to a certain category. Never-the-less, having multiple listings has an affect on the ranking of certain websites. Maybe it has an across the board affect within the search engine algorithms themselves. Page Rank could very well be skewed by this effect. If we were to add up all the links that point to a site would this affect the outcome of the search results?

Here is an example of a website that ranks number one for Internet marketing on Google Search. In this particular website they have 16 listings in the ODP. Now, to be fair about this analysis, the website has approximately 428,000 pages in the Google Search listings. Given the sheer number of online web pages for content it may very well be reasonable to have more than one listing in the DMoz.

I guess these would be questions for the search engine engineers to answer. Maybe one will see this posting and respond.

If anyone else has any ideas on the subject feel free to post a comment.

James A. Warholic
Professional Web Services

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