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Instead of just talking about improving the ODP – Open Directory Project – DMoz I decided to see if I could help out.

Open Directory Project Editor

Applying for an editor position with the ODP is quite a connection process.

It is like giving your resume and doing an interview connection process right online.

They want to know your reasons for becoming an editor of a particular theme category as well as what you can bring to the table, along with your website affiliation history.

One of the areas that took quite a bit of research was coming up with some good quality sites that were not listed in the ODP area to begin with.

ODP Category Theme

Depending on the theme category that you would like to edit, significant time could be involved to do it properly.

For example here is what I wrote to them for the associated websites.

Here is the list of sites that I am associated with and have contributed to.

1. Professional Web Services, Inc. http://pwebs.net
2. Internet Marketing San Ramon CA http://sanramon.pwebs.net
3. The Power Of The Written Word http://blog.pwebs.net/marketing.htm
4. B2B and B2C Newsletters http://newsletters.pwebs.net http://newsletterstories.com
5. Pro Web Blog http://blog.pwebs.net
6. Professional Web Services -? Events http://professionalwebservicesphotos.blogspot.com
7. Above All – Tell It Like It Is, And Do It With Style! http://professionalwebservices.blogspot.com
8. Marketing Strategies For B2B And B2C http://marketingstrategies.backflag.com
9. Web Marketing Difference Between B2B, B2C, And C2C http://b2b.salesandmarketing.ws
10. Unsolicited B2B And B2C Emails http://emails.salesandmarketing.ws
11. Domain Name Registration http://domainnames.pwebs.net
12. Email Talk http://pwebs.net/email
13. What A Techno World http://pwebs.net/technology
14. Earth Moon And Stars http://earthmoonstars.pwebs.net
15. Email Marketing B2B and B2C Hot Topics http://emails.salesandmarketing.ws
16. Creative Marketing http://creative-marketing.pwebs.net
17. Real Estate Homes Technology http://realestatehomes.blogspot.com
18. Wild Wild West http://jimwest.wordpress.com
19. Comments Pwebs http://jimwarholic.com
20. Copyright Professional Web Services, Inc. http://copyrights.pwebs.net

Additionally I am associated with TransformTec, Inc.

Converting Intellectual Property Into Cash http://transformtec.com

You are welcome to read more of my bio from that website

http://transformtec.com/ transformtec_business_technology_leadership.htm

This was just one of the areas that was required for filling out the online application.

I spent approximately four hours gathering the information from the research and then writing the answers to the questions. The questions were all straight forward but I felt that in depth information was required.

At this time I don’t think it is appropriate to tell which open for an editor category I applied for, but if it is not against the policy, I’ll let the world know later.

We’ll see how long it takes to hear back from the ODP.


From James A. Warholic
Ethical issues for Internet users
Professional Web Services, Inc. Internet marketing services, Online advertising strategies, and Web branding solutions resulting in more sales for your B2B, B2C, or C2C business.

Response From The ODP

Response came quickly although for an open editor section I am somewhat surprised by the response.

Dear James Warholic,

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Open Directory Project editor! Although we would like you to join us as a volunteer editor, you have chosen a category that is already well represented, or is broader than we typically assign to a new editor. We would encourage you to re-apply for a category that has fewer editors or is smaller in scope, in order to increase your chances of being accepted.

Feel free to reapply by submitting an application in another area.

If you wish to re-apply, you must fill out another application.

Please do not reply to this email.

The Open Directory Project

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