Battery Powered Vehicles

My, how have we progressed since the horse and buggy days!

New Battery Powered Vehicles

NEW BATTERY POWERED ELECTRIC SCOOTER VEHICLESIn the early days of self propelled vehicles they ran on steam. Now we have a whole new generation of self propelled vehicles using battery technology and super efficient high powered motors. A number of these electric scooter vehicles are starting to be used at large warehouses and even at car racing events for pit crews to use from one end of Pit alley to the other.

Even Detroit Automakers are trying to play catch-up to the Japanese Automakers by getting into the picture of designing hybrid cars based on battery technology. Though the leader appears to be Honda in the race for bringing top fuel efficient engines in hybrid cars to the market place.

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Last week, however, Honda “leaked to the Wall Street Journal its progress on developing a new type of more efficient, cleaner-burning engine: a four-cylinder gasoline engine that uses Homogeneous Charged Compression Ignition. Read full hybrid cars story

Currently the Honda Insight holds the top mileage for hybrids.

The new technology being talked about is the hydrogen fuel cell engine. The one major hang-up with hydrogen fuel cells is the fact that the fuel is more expensive to produce and store than the traditional hydrocarbons.

Maybe the next generation of vehicles will run on something that has not even been harnessed yet. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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