14K Gold Internet Marketing Plan

How do you reach new customers, new market segments, and increase your business exposure?

Answer: With a cost effective strategic marketing and advertising plan.

During the latter days of the twentieth century manufacturing in the United States was going gang busters. Electronics circuit board manufacturing was on a boom. Circuit board companies couldn’t build the PCBs fast enough to supply the demand for all types of products. Circuit board drilling equipment was a year on backorder. Cisco Systems was building routers and switches like there was no tomorrow. Telecommunications companies were putting in their own fiber optic cables and with the dot com build-up it looked as though the growth curve would keep going. Everything was going terrific. Then the world hit Y2K which was certainly big hype but turned out to be nothing more than a little whimper. Computer programmers did their jobs before the roll-over date appeared and fixed the problems before they occurred. However, there was another problem that was unseen by a large majority of people and it affected the world as we know it.

The World As We Know It

Now it takes a 14K Gold, Internet Marketing and Online Advertising plan to get your business found globally. The days of thinking one dimensional are over. It takes a concerted creative marketing and advertising effort to reach those customers that are Internet mining for the product or services you provide.

What Sets Your Business Apart?

Think about the facts. Millions and billions of web pages are being published annually. Many of those pages have the keyword terms that your business uses. A number of those terms crossover to other areas online. Words can have multiple meanings. Usages of those words can be different for different people. Engineers can use a certain set of terms while the sales and marketing departments can use another set of terms to explain the same thing. So, how is your business going to capture your target audience?

Targeting The Keywords For Your Target Audience

The following question should always be asked before your even begin to try and do something with your website. Who is your target audience? Answering that one question is the most important foundational aspect when setting up a website. After that is answered then it is equally important to understand the lingo of how your target audience speaks. It may very well be that you are saying all the right words but not in their technical or non-technical language. If you are not talking their language then you can forget anyone finding you online for who you are targeting.

The 14K Gold Internet Marketing Plan

Professional Web Services, Inc., has the Internet marketing background, a creative online advertising style, a web branding solution that can propel your business on the Internet to capture new leads, provide quality prospects, increase sales for your business, and most of all improve the bottom line. Allow us to help your customers find you on line. (Mining for Data)

Article by: Jim Warholic

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