List of Search Engines Listed by Types of Searches

Get Your Business Discovered OnlineThis page posting has been updated with the addition of some of the newer search engines. The original search engine page was dealing mainly with B2B and B2C search. However, with today’s broad based Internet activity, and how it relates to various aspects of business usage, personal searches, and even internal intranet enterprise searches, we wanted to highlight some of the different search market segments.

This list of the various search engines, is posted here mainly for research and education purposes. We felt it is nice to be able to reference and have links to some of the different search engines all in one place. While the list below does not cover each and every search engine online, it does provide a broad list of most of the major search companies that are available. Also note that some of the search engine links have been redirected to other sites due to search buyouts, mergers, and acquisitions with other companies, along with changes with the search engines themselves (for example: search companies have changed brand names, different URLs, and links). You will also notice that some of the search websites go back a number of years. If you would like to read more about the details of any particular search engine, take a look at the Wikipedia Search Engines List article, and follow the links to each specific search engine for a descriptive overview. Some of the people search engines are very interesting at gathering information in one place. Find the person, distant relative, classmate, or friend from the past.

Note that each link opens into a new search window.

The best way to compare different search engine results, is to open search engines in multiple tabs in your web browser and quickly reference back to this page.

Major Search Engines

Search in Other Countries

Meta Search Engines

Specialty Search Engines

Business Search Engines

Legal Search Engines

News Search Engines

People Search Engines

Real Estate & Property Search

Multimedia Search

Shopping Search Engines

BitTorrent Search Engines

Job Search Engines

Enterprise Search Engines

Blog Search Engines

Medical and Health Search

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