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The online world is all about change, new technologies, and being able to recognize the changes in the global marketing landscape. Once those patterns are even a hint on the Internet horizon it is very important for businesses, both in the B2B, Business-to-business and B2C, Business-to-business sectors to recognize it early enough to take advantage of these opportunities from a Sales, Marketing, and Advertising perspective.

Marketing Adaptation in Multinational Companies

Marketing adaptation has been talked about for years for businesses adapting to the local cultural market place along with responding to the social climate and economic conditions in the various global locations. Certainly product and service pricing adaptation has also been a concern for the Global Corporations.

Global Businesses

As the Internet has created a “Flattening of the World”; this has had a direct affect on businesses universally at all levels of the supply chain. As with economics affecting every facet of our society, so to has the economics of the Internet affected the very core of B2B, B2C, and even C2C, Consumer-to-consumer businesses today.

Local Business Search

What was once viewed as being in a local service sector for certain businesses such as plumbers, electricians, doctors, and lawyers; the Internet has broadened all these service sectors. The reason is the numbers of people using on line Search Engines have increased dramatically in recent years. It is also important to note that from a standpoint of the local service providers to be found on-line, can directly bring in substantial new revenues. Though any company that may think of themselves as being only a local provider of a service, the majority of these small businesses do not readily recognize the need or even the advantage to have an online presence.

Local businesses sometimes have a very narrow and limited view of the Internet. Actually, these same small business owners spend extensive time on the Internet themselves, searching for consumer products, comparing prices at the various stores, staying abreast of the news, shopping for homes, and even shopping for new and used cars, but discount having their own business on the Internet. There is a very large disconnect with these same small business owners as to the advantages afforded them through the Internet.

Fortune 500 Companies and Search Engines

At the other end of the spectrum are the large corporations that would do well to improve their online search engine position. These companies have invested heavily in the online advertising arena with large numbers of the Fortune 500 companies giving very little thought into the Organic, or Natural Search Engine results for keywords targeting their respective industries.

What are the Advantages of Being Found Online?

First off the numbers of people doing local search on their computers is continually increasing. The Local Yellow Pages have shown a steady declining response rate in recent years. Ads that just a few years ago generated very good returns on investment are now in the doldrums. In fact the response rate is so low, that it is hard to justify spending the increased fees for advertising in the Local Yellow Pages. Real Lawyers Have BlogsLaw Firm Yellow Page Advertising Not Working And On Decline These same Yellow Pages are now having to adapt to the Internet with marketing adaptation taking place by offering not only the print copy of the Yellow Page Advertisement, but also providing an Online Directory in which they include the local business to be found Online.

In essence these same B2B, B2C, and C2C businesses that once thought of themselves as only a local provider of services and thought they would only have to advertise in the local community have had a rude awakening. The Internet has broadened these local business horizons. Being found online now can have additional advantages of another business or consumer being able to find out the information at their computer keyboard fingertips.

The International and National Giants, along with the mid-sized companies can also profit by implementing a website improvement campaign. For these companies to invest heavily into various forms of advertisements and ignore the Internet marketing aspect of what can be accomplished with a good Search Engine friendly foundation website structure are simply ignoring the Internet marketing adaptation that is passing them by.

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Take a look at the marketing adaptation that is going on online, either with you, or without you; but in either case it will continue to occur. The question that must be asked, “Are you going to take advantage of it?”

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