Technology For The Masses

Everything Is Driven By Technology

The US and other developed countries are fueling the world with the power of hi-tech. This very same technology that consumers love to have in their homes here in the US, brings to the third world countries jobs by the millions. Due to the demand through out the consumer world for lower prices, more powerful computers, cell phones that have games, built in cameras and mp3 players, faster online access, Internet apps, satellite radios, smaller, faster, and bigger electronic gadgets, gamers, hybrid autos, GPS systems and a whole host of other built in electronic items has created the driving force behind the world’s economy.

Scores of jobs could be said to have been lost to China. But, has the US market place really lost those jobs to China? Would we really be buying all the stuff that we do today if the prices were ten times higher? If things were ten times higher would the US economy be better or worse? There certainly are two schools of thought here. If you talk to two economists, they can’t even agree on the facts. That is because the what ifs come into play and it is impossible to prove the facts beyond what already has occurred.

Internet technology has affected the world in both the good and the bad. Identity theft or just the stealing of credit card information has created a virtual web based crime ring that extends to all corners of the globe.

Businesses are finding that they can no longer operate the way they once did. Newspapers and publications are loosing market share to free online channels of information. Profits are being squeezed with manufacturers because of the pressures of cheaper and cheaper labor and electronic components. Large Super Stores like Wal-Mart are dictating lower pricing of their suppliers and forcing companies to build their products offshore to meet the lower pricing demands. Which means more lost jobs for the United States.

Everything is tied together. It is impossible to stop the universal flow toward the lowest prices in the world. The Internet may turn out to be both the biggest asset and our worst nightmare at the same time. The world is beginning to become as one.

So, where do we go from here? This requires wisdom and understanding.

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