The ABC of SEO

Keywords of the Website

Key KeywordsThe prerequisite for any B2C or B2B business website is to use the keywords of the business in the site body text.

Such a simple statement but I would have to say is very often overlooked by the business owner or president of the organization. Unless your business is a Sears, Best Buy, Walmart, or other well known brands, many business owners assume that someone arriving to the website will already know what their business is about before they get there. That is simply not the case on the Internet. In fact, it is a challenge for any businesses to have their website show up in the search engine results pages for the products and services provided. This goes both for the well known corporate brands and the unknown small business company names.

When writing online, the subject matter should be laid out using keywords that customers would use to find a company via the search engines. Both B2C and B2B websites have some very unique challenges facing them. Understanding the target audience are of a prime importance in establishing what keywords are to be placed into the website. Search engines place a priority on the words within the website itself when the search robots crawl or spider the page. Some folks think that the keywords meta tag is enough to get a web page found online. This is the furthest thing from the truth. The keywords meta tag isn’t even used by most of the well known search engines. Unless the copy is written in the pages of the website, and has the words that customers would use for any searches online, the odds are extremely poor that the website would show up in the search engine results pages.

Many folks think that all they have to do is post some pictures and a little bit of text online, as though it were an advertising placard. The bottom line is a website needs to be thought of as a sales and marketing tool, and not just an online advertising billboard for a company’s name. This requires developing keywords, writing copy for information related to your particular industry, service, or market sector, promoting the website through all online marketing channels, and time and effort to do it right.

There are no shortcuts here to developing keywords for your business to be found online. Think about all the millions or billions of web pages that have the same words within their website. Think about how all of those compete with your business online. Even without Google, Bing, or Yahoo! Search updating their search algorithms from time to time, it is an ongoing task that requires an analytical mindset to set your business apart.

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