The FedEx and Logos

Interesting stories behind some of the well know logos.
by: Jim Warholic

FedExCorporate Symbols And Hidden Secrets

While waiting on a package of some replacement parts for my Weber Barbecue, shipped by FedEx from, I decided to use the tracking option from the website.

The good news is it should be here today. It is on the local truck scheduled for delivery.

The search for FedEx on Google Search brought me to some enlightening reading about a couple of corporate logos and the hidden meanings, hidden items, and subliminal messages in these corporate brands.

Here are several posts from The Sneeze

Secret Symbols 

It occurred to me there is a secret arrow hiding in between the “E” and the “x” of the FedEx logo. Look at it! Now that I know it’s there, it’s all I can see. How could I not have noticed it before?
Posted in The Sneeze on September 23, 2004 07:16 PM

The Man Behind the FedEx Logo

Not long ago, I posted about the subliminal arrow in the FedEx logo. I received several emails regarding it, including one from design student Bobby Dragulescu. Thanks to Bobby and his typography professor Leah Hoffmitz, I was put in touch with the logo’s creator: Mr. Lindon Leader of Leader Creative.
Posted in The Sneeze on November 16, 2004 06:47 AM

More Breaking Logo w/ Arrow News

Last week I posted an interview with the man behind the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo, and the interest in it has been astounding.
Posted in The Sneeze on November 26, 2004 01:11 AM

With FedEx having the hidden arrow and having an arrow from A to Z, I wonder what other brands have interesting stories to tell.

Well, just in time for Thanksgiving, my Weber Barbeque parts arrived before I even finished this story. FedEx to the rescue. Now I can “Relax, it’s FedEx

Did you see the arrow between the E and the x, in the FedEx logo?

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