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When it comes to creating the perfect template for a website, quite a bit of work is involved. Getting a head start on the design process can be aided by many of the Open Source templates available online.

With millions of websites already in existence, it is not like something has not already been done before in the way of a template layout. There are layouts with one column, or multi-columns. Menus can be on the right, left, top, and/or bottom. But, no matter what template is decided upon, there will be extensive modifications that will likely be required for branding it to your business name, colors, and tastes.

My personal feeling with colors is darker fonts on lighter background colors for the main body text seems to be the easiest on the eyes. Have you ever tried to read a long page of text in a website with a black or dark colored background with white or light text? After staring at the page for a minute or two, the eyes tend to have a burnt in image of the black background. This is very hard on the eyes. None of the big search engines have white text on dark backgrounds? None of the major websites from an e commerce perspective have white on dark. Why do many of the graphic designers think that white text on a dark background is a good option? Accentuation of the page can be done with graphic images that provide a balance to the overall look but do not interfere with the text message to be read.

Certain businesses tend to have some great natural images that can easily portray what their business is about. As the old saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words can be true on the web, but it is wise to have body text to go along with it for the search engines to pick up. Other businesses in the service sector require much more in the way of a creative image selection process in order to really tell their business story online.

Creative writing for the website and creative ad copy writing can be equally as challenging. For one thing, the keywords for your business must be used throughout the website< in order to have it have the possibility of it showing up in the keyword search results of the search engines. Ignoring this one area alone can spell trouble for your Internet marketing efforts. From an Internet marketing standpoint, to place a website in front of your target audience requires using the keywords that your customers use. In fact, writing for the target audience is more important on the Internet than any single type of promotional material generated. Brochures that are handed out or mailed can make an immediate impact without using many of the keywords within the printed items. That is because a sales person hands out or emails the information directly to a person that is probably already interested in what the business does. However, on the Internet, the website becomes the salesman for potential customers that may not know your business name but are looking for the equipment, products, or services provided, and therefore the Internet marketing messages must be more informative than any printed brochure.

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