Impressive Google Online Advertising

Well, I must say that I am impressed with some of the new interactive ads that Google has been serving to their AdSense providers.

Internet AdvertisingFor those that are not familiar with the AdSense program, Google has a affiliate program whereby a content publisher can serve ads on their content websites. These ads come from the Google AdWords program in which advertisers can create both text and graphic ads to be displayed in the search results as well as on content providers’ websites.

Some of the new cool features of the new ads is the built in interactivity in the form of buttons or highlighted areas for different items of interest. Other extremely cool ads are in the form of video. See Web 2.0 Advertising. Yes I know, there have been moving ads on the Internet for a long time, but typically those old ads were very annoying in both sight and sound. What Google has done is control those annoying features by strictly regulating what ads are approved. Additionally many of the video ads have a control bar for playing the ad if you want.

How this plays out for the customer conversions is still being studied, but I would venture to say that there might be a higher conversion with this type of advertising. As is on the Television where people can click away from an ad, the Web visitor now has more control over what they are willing to take a look at, as opposed to what they are forced to watch. As these types of ads become more plentiful, Web Surfers will be much more likely to extend a measure of trust to both the advertiser and the website publisher.

Ultimately these ads bring a high degree of value to everyone. Publishers, Advertisers, Servers, and Web Surfers all profit.

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