Additional DMoz ODP Analysis

I thought it might be good to give a update on some Internet marketing research details I have been conducting in the DMoz, ODP, Open Directory Project.

Since getting turned down to be an editor at the DMoz, I decided to analyze a particular marketing category in the ODP. At this time, I don’t want to spoil the fun and let everyone know the category.

Here is an update as to the ODP findings so far.

Starting with the online category in alphabetical order I have found the following:

Made it to the letter “G” so far. Approximately 65 websites.
Would have added five new sites.
Would have removed fourteen websites from the directory.
Most of the sites would have been removed because of little or no content value or the websites have not been promoted at all. Very few if any new links have occurred and the principal people of the companies had not been involved in any substantive way online or in the news. A few of the sites were all Flash. Although that in itself would not be grounds for removal except for the fact that several of these websites were of little online content value.

The Internet Marketing Mugshot Of A Mug Shop

One interesting story is about a marketing site that is a mug shop. I checked out the site from the Way Back Machine and it was only two years old, but was always a mug shop as far as I could tell. How this one got in this particular marketing category of the directory we will never know. The only place on the site with the word marketing was a small label at the bottom of the pages. Maybe this was one of those scraping sites, the kind where someone buys the website in order to try to attain links and Google PageRank value for their site. Or maybe someone was scratching someone else’s Internet marketing back.

Maybe stronger action needs to be taken. Read about a Google employee turning off France for a day. Read in French.

More to come

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