Internet Search Engine Statistics

Published Search Engine Use Statistics

From a standpoint of Internet Marketing and Search Engines Use Statistics there are some interesting nuggets of information to be gleaned from a couple of online studies comparing the Top search engines.

Nielsen Net Ratings had a published report released in August 2005.

Nielsen//NetRatings Releases Top 10 Search Engine Share Rankings for July 2005

Table 1: Top 10 Search Engines Ranked by Search Share: June-July 2005

Provider / Vertical June 05 July 05

1. Google Search 47.0% 46.2%
2. Yahoo! Search 22.3% 22.5%
3. MSN Search 12.5% 12.6%
4. AOL Search 5.5% 5.4%
5. My Way Search 1.8% 2.2%
6. Ask Jeeves Search 1.8% 1.6%
7. Netscape Search 0.9% 1.6%
8. Search 0.8% 0.9%
9. iWon Search 1.0% 0.9%
10. EarthLink Search 0.8% 0.8%

Source: Nielsen//NetRatings MegaView Search, August 2005

comScore Networks also published search engine use statistics in August 2005

Share of Online Search Submissions
Source: comScore qSearch
Total U.S. – July 2005

Property – Share of Search
Google Sites 36.5%
Yahoo! Sites 30.5%
MSN-Microsoft Sites 15.5%
Time Warner Network 9.9%
Ask Jeeves 6.1%
InfoSpace Network 0.9%
All Other 0.6%

Google Search Is The Search Engine Leader

Google Search is either a leader at 46.2% or 36.5%, depending which particular study is the most accurate. However, that does not exactly tell the full story. In the published studies, Time Warner Network which is made up of AOL and Netscape have either a 9.9% SEARCH SHARE stake or the other study has 7.0% combined SEARCH SHARE stake. The significance of this is that Both AOL and Netscape use Google Search for their results.

If you add up these results Google would either be at 46.4% or 53.2% of all the searches done online with the nearest competitor at 22.5% or 30.5%.

The significance of these two studies is very important from an Internet Marketing and Online Advertising perspective.

The eMail Marketing Promotions landscape is littered with INTERNET SEARCH MARKETING promises of being number one with a quick website inclusion into the smaller search engines and other types, of what some refer to as SECOND TIER search engine companies, in which they do not even show up in the study results. It makes very little sense to pay for something that at best is around 0.6% of the total searches conducted online. There is no such thing as a free lunch with promises of high traffic to your site by simply paying for quick inclusion into the search data base.

Free Website Submission

The top three Search companies have free website submit to be included in the crawls from automatic web robots which cruise the Internet and catalog the websites into their database for the natural or organic search results. Websites can even be found by the online search robots even if a website is not submitted. That is because the robots follow links from other websites and are likely to find other sites through this link process.

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