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Looking for Internet traffic to your B2B or B2C website? Relevant consumer Web Traffic is the key.

How do you go about reaching the potential clients that do not know your name, website, or the products, software, or services you sell?

Think about what you do online yourself. How do you find the particular consumer items that you need?

“Well, that’s not hard to figure out, I do a Search engine Search for the Keywords Brand that I am looking for.”

That was the easy part. Now, think about your B2B or B2C business enterprise. What keywords would someone search for a product or service in your business? Answering that question may be a lot tougher than you can imagine. Take for example a manufacturing company that fabricates all types of metal products across a diverse number of industries. Each industry has a different understanding of the manufacturing processes involved. In fact, your idea of what it is that you do may be 180 degrees different than what your customer says that you do. Consequently, the searches a customer might do from one industry will be totally different than that of another.

This is quite a quandary. Reaching those customers will take a creative writing approach to Internet marketing.

Placing Marketing Sugar on the Website

Ah, something sweet. The taste of sugar to the search engines and your future customers is the key to being found. Including those keywords in just the right places, with in the correct context, with just the right measurements, are the main ingredients to cooking up a batch of tasty Internet marketing messages. Topping it off, requires different pipeline sales cookies for each customer’s industry.

Sure, there are other integrated Web elements that will help you start showing up in the search engines but the main ingredient still is content in the form of online writing. That is the very foundation. Without content, a website will not have the staying power to perform well for the long haul.

The online approach to marketing takes extensive time to write and edit content for the company website. Owners, presidents, and sales and marketing personnel need to implement more proactive strategies in their approach to the World Wide Web. The professional experts are sitting in your chairs. You are the Pro experts.

Take the time today to jot the notes down, write a paragraph or two, and start telling your company story. Good content managers can then use those writings and edit the message for the website.

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Article by: Jim Warholic

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