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UPS Blocks Data Losses

When it comes to computers there are a number of things one can do to prevent bugs and viruses from infecting your system but an important item not to overlook is securing a computer from power fluctuations or power blackouts.

Operating systems tend to get scrambled if not properly shut down and data loss can occur during an improper shut down. Not only can operating systems get scrambled but so can the programs themselves. Believe me, I am talking from experience.

A way of combating this is to use a device called a ups or “uninterruptible power supply”

How the ups works is the computer and peripherals get plugged into a device that has a battery built into it. When there is a power outage or sag in the voltage the battery kicks in automatically allowing the computer to continue on running. After a preset time it can go into an automatic shutdown mode or run for a time until a manual shut down is performed thus preserving the integrity of the system.

Some of these devices can even give you a remote page or email automatically sent to a preset mail box upon various different events.

I am using a unit from Tripp Lite.

Some of the factors that should be considered when sizing these units is the VA ratings. The higher the number the longer it will maintain power during an outage. Consider also if you would like remote monitoring and reports generated. They provide a free software that actually will function with other competitors units.

Although these units have a battery that will eventually need to be replaced it is well worth the insurance to have to replace the battery instead of losing customer files or your computer system.

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