M2M Man-or-Machine?

Are we ready for M2M “Machine to Machine”?

As the world becomes more and more computer automated there is the need for remotely gathering telemetry data or remotely accessing equipment, programs, and machines.

M2M represents man-to-machine or Machine-to-machine and is gathering more steam as the new buzzword for the present and the future.

This type of process is already going on extensively in various industries. The trucking industry is a prime target for tracking devices installed in the trucks. As they move across the country information is automatically sent to a server for tracking, routing, and scheduling purposes.

Telemetry gathering was done with our first ventures into outer-space. With cell phone bands, wireless Internet, and relatively inexpensive satellite communications M2M is taking on a whole new meaning.

M2M can significantly simplify general tasks such as having a meter reader person replaced with an automatic transmission type device that could send a signal over the power grid to a central data collection point.

While this represents major breakthroughs in technology it does bring up ethical and business issues related to Man being replaced by Machines. We even have the next stage going on where machines are building machines. At what point does man sit back and let the machines do all the work for him? While the Terminator series of movies was fashioned out of science fiction theme of man versus machines, are we approaching a point where we may have “T3 The Rise of the Machines?”

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