Here is How IC the Integrated Circuit

The Inventor of the Integrated Circuit has died but his Invention Lives on Today and Tomorrow.

The world would not be the same today without the IC chip. The first IC or integrated circuit was first created in 1958 by Jack Kilby. Prior to those days, circuits were built using large tubes and other components.


The miniaturization of circuits has continually evolved until whole computer systems are now placed on a single chip. There appears to be no end in site for how much can be squeezed into or embedded onto a surface area. As things have progressed over the years the technology has managed to jump over the naysayers about how small things can get or how much processing power can be compacted into a square inch of space. New words have even been invented such as nanotechnology to describe manufacturing at a molecular level. Check out the Nano Gears.

Even websites like this would not be in existence without integrated circuits.

How do UC the IC?

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