What a Machine!

I took the plunge. The iMac G5.

For weeks if not months I have been visiting a couple of different Apple stores in California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, looking at all the new toys. I was in need of another computer and fell in love with the new Apples.

I started out many moons ago on the old “SE”. The “SE” machine had a whopping 20 meg. hard drive and a grayscale display monitor. Then I graduated to the Power PC6100. Wow, I had color! Then many years rolled by in “computer years” that is, and customers were getting all these new Microsoft Windows machines. I thought it would probably be a good idea for me to learn about these. So I did my investigative market research and found a PC at one of the malls. All of a sudden it seemed as though the whole world was getting on the bandwagon.

As timed rolled on, family members wanted computers. I was not about to pay what I felt was a huge markup on the computers at the various outlets, so I dove into learning about the insides of PCs and built one. Then I needed a Linux system and built another PC. A short while later it was time for another family member to have one and pulling the same rabbit out of the hat again, I went down to the local Fry’s and looked at all the motherboards and picked what I felt would be the best investment. In addition I picked up a hard drive, memory, CD, DVD player, and a monitor. This one had a little hitch though. The motherboard would not boot. No problem though, just a little time and patience. Took the board back and got another. This time it booted up like a champ.

Now I am coming round, full circle. I had really loved the Mac when I first had them, but because of time moving on, I really lost touch with the machine I loved.

A friend had recently purchased a PowerBook and had been a fan of Apple for as long as Apple has been around. He is an older gentleman that really took to the Mac. As I had been comparing the differences between the PowerBook vs the PC, I was realizing what a wonderful difference existed between the two. I discovered there was a whole other world that I was missing.

So, I took the leap. When I went into the Apple store, and I had intended to purchase the Mini; which is really a neat little machine, but I needed more horsepower, and most importantly I needed a larger display with more real estate desktop space. I could have purchased the Mac mini with a large external display, but by the time I would have added the external display, I could get a better, more powerful machine with the Apple iMac G5 with a 20 inch wide screen display that is simply gorgeous. I picked up the high end model, with Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse, 512 meg. of memory, 160 GB hard drive, and the Slot-load SuperDrive. With just a power plug and hooking up a network cable from my router, I was in fat Apple city.

When I turned it on, it went through its boot up process and Wow! Once again I found the machine I love.

More to come from the Professional Web Services, Internet marketing, online advertising, branding strategies, and Computer Techster.

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