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By: Jim Warholic President of Professional Web Services, Inc.

Consumers are flocking to the Internet in droves. Just about every Realtor on the planet has a Web site. Many of these websites are given to a Realtor when they begin to work for a Real Estate Brokerage house and many more decide to have an "Own Brand" branded website be built with the focus on a Realtor's particular strengths and brand image.

Internet Marketing, Online Advertising, Web Branding For Realtors

Very few Realtors are taking advantage of the powerful Internet marketing, online advertising, and web branding that is available for their clients to get the maximum home exposure possible. This is particularly interesting in light of the facts.

Nine out of 10 home buyers use a real estate agent in the search process, but use of the Internet to search for a home has risen dramatically over time, increasing from only 2 percent of buyers in 1995 to 77 percent in 2005; it was 74 percent in 2004. National Association Of Realtors® Home Buyer & Seller Survey Shows Rising Use of Internet, Reliance on Agents

MLS Home and Property Searches

Most Realtors are including MLS property searches through their websites. This is great for the buyer of a home, but many agents simply are unaware of the Internet marketing and Online advertising available to them when representing a seller. Listing agents have been able to place pictures on the MLS listings and even link to virtual tours of the properties they represent. While virtual tours have the coolness factor built into the program, many times this simply is just a small window frame with small picture views.

Buyers that come to a MLS listing are interested in seeing larger pictures, inside and outside of the home, along with additional information that would be helpful in really marketing the home to them.

Enter the Home Selling Domain Name

Imagine a website with its own domain name address of the home itself. Meet 739 Sturbridge Drive at By building a website for the Home Seller you can now link to the home page of the web site from the MLS listings, local real estate boards, or other online advertising listing sources. With the ability to customize a web site to each Realtor's Brand, and structure the site to provide links for printable property brochures, slide shows, and even virtual tours; a listing agent will greatly improve the sales appeal for their listings and clients. Potential home buyers will be impressed with the visual impact of a beautifully presented home. They will be able to send the home page link in an Email to family and friends. The visual senses for a buyer will forever be imprinted with a great first impression, and this is before they ever step into the home.

Search Engines Internet Marketing And Online Advertising

Additional benefits when marketing a home on the Internet with its own website are many fold. The potential to place a website at the Number One Position on Google, Yahoo, or MSN Search can be a great sales tool for a Realtor when having a prospective buyer and sending them to the property website. Many times a person will type an address into the search engines for the search query. Imagine the marketing and advertising impact when your listed property shows up in the SERP, Search Engine Results Pages.

If you would like to find out more information about how Professional Web Services can help set your real estate Web brand apart and start making more of a Internet marketing and Online advertising impact for yourself and your (buyer and seller) clients, contact Professional Web Services today. We offer Internet marketing services, SEO - Search Engine Optimization of websites, Online advertising strategies, and Web branding solutions for your business.

If you are a Realtor or Real Estate Agent, and would like to send an email to, or talk with Coldwell Banker Realtor®, Patrick Warholic for a reference to see how this Internet technology has worked for him and his clients, go to and read the article: Internet Home Marketing For My Clients.

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