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Sales are the life blood of companies today. Without sales, your business will not survive or expand. Just about every company invests dollars into their sales and marketing departments. Companies will look to hire the best salesmen possible. Under the banner of sales and marketing, sales is typically responsible for developing new leads, cold calls, email and phone correspondence with existing customers, customer site visitations, and even many times with customer service related items. Many companies will pay their sales people a base salary and then pay commission payments on top of that. The costs to a company for sales people do not end with just their salary and commission payments. There is insurance, payroll taxes, employee benefits, training expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses to contend with that are all part of the costs of having an employee work for the company.

So, wouldn’t a company want to be able to have a strategic salesperson, with a significant reduction in expenses and never have them call in sick, or take time off for holidays and vacations and at the same time bring in new qualified leads, increase sales, and improve the ROI for the company? Well, there is a possible salesman who has the potential to be the best sales person in the company. This salesman will never call off work sick. Never take a vacation. Will work tirelessly seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays, and produce results for you company. We are talking about the company website as the salesman.

In summary, we have discussed how the website is both a marketing and advertising tool online. But remember, it can also be the chief sales person and/or sales tool. While it is unlikely that the website would totally eliminate the need for quality sales people, unless of course you have strictly an eCommerce business model, the website can make the job of a sales person much easier. A website can be a full time lead generator, lead collector, and a great front man for your organization. On top of that, the website can be a major support structure for your sales staff; with links to great content, descriptive articles, information, images, videos, products, and/or services provided by your company.

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